Friday, November 01, 2013

Halloween Recap

Our family got really into Avatar the Last Airbender the animated show earlier this year.  Infact we decided on our costumes back in May, and have been growing Zephyr's hair since then for his costume.  He got really tired of his hair hanging down in his face.

The above picture is the characters from the show

Prairie as Toph

Zephyr as Sokka ( we did shave the sides of his head, his hair is just so dark, it is hard to tell in these pictures)

Autumn as Katara (I broke the necklace pendant when I was trying to thread it, thank goodness for super glue)

 Toph, Katara and Sokka

They have a lot of fun together

Zephyr with his stash

Prairie with her staash

Autumn with her stash

the kids name Grandpa, "freakazoid" for his costume for trick-or-treating

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Mary Anne said...

I love the costumes. They REALLY do look like the characters.