Monday, October 07, 2013

Zephyr's First Day of Preschool

Zephyr is doing a preschool through Provo High School.  The only problem with the preschool is it limited schedule.  It starts in October and only runs until Thanksgiving and then has a 3 month break, and runs in March and April.  Oh well, it is a great price, and it is a great preschool.  Zephyr is going with two other neighbor kids, which will be great for carpooling.  We took on of the boys today for the first day.

Zephyr and his friend Asher

Walking into the school

Hanging up his backpack by his cubby

Zephyr with his name tag.  Also the high school student that was passing out the name tags is a teenager that lives in our neighborhood and has babysat him before, so that was really exciting.

Zephyr is such my buddy.  it was a little hard to drop him off.  It is a little weird to not have any kids at home, but our kitchen is a DISASTER so I can get that cleaned up while he is gone.  He was really excited, and I am glad that he was excited.  This is a big deal for him.

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