Thursday, September 26, 2013

Playhouse Day 6 Progress Pics

Grandpa stayed up until 1am the night before, never ate dinner, and once he woke up the next morning he started working again.  Grandma had to make him come eat breakfast.  He had a list of things he wanted to get done before I took them to the airport at noon.

Working on getting all the siding finished on the dormer window

Got the little wall heater all wired up and working (Prairie was VERY happy about this one)

Me and Grandma moved all the wood into the playhouse because it was forecasted to rain.

Grandma trying to leave it as clean as possible

The dormer window siding all done

While Grandpa worked on the siding, Grandma and I measured, cut and lay the new flooring upstairs.  Now there is just two small pieces for me to do on the bottom floor, under the stairs and at the foot of the stairs

This is how Ben weather proofed the door.

It started raining while I was driving home from the airport, and it hasn't been dry enough to work on the playhouse again.  I am really hoping that saturday is a dry day so we can get the shingles on, and prime the door and get a handle on it so it will stay closed and be protected from the weather.

We soooo appreciated all that Grandma and Grandpa did on the playhouse.  Though we decided that this is too large and to nice to be a playhouse, it is really more like a play-mansion.  The kids are so excited to get to use it.  They loved playing in it for a few minutes wednesday morning before school.

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Randy and Susan Landon said...

Your mom and step-dad are the best. It looks good. A lot of hard work from all of you.