Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Playhouse Day 5 Progress Pics

This was the last full day that Grandma and Grandpa were going to be here, so there was a lot we wanted to get done.  We needed to get the rest of the roof boards on, felt paper across the whole roof, and again the dormer windows cause a lot of problems, put down the new floor boards, so the door could be installed, lights installed, doorbell, you know the works.

The left side of the roof complete

The right side still needs to be done

 The work area

Getting ready to start measuring and cutting roof board

Then we remembered that some of the siding had to be puzzle pieced so there are no spaces once the roof is on

installing the last roof board

Applying felt paper to the roof.  The dormer window was really tricky.  Tom put steel things in the grooves, so the roof would say water proof.

 My mom and I worked on cutting, laying and installing the new floor boards.

Here is the new  floorboards in front of the doorway.  Now Tom can work on the door, because he knows the height of the doorway.

More floorboards down, and all our supplies for working

Grandma puzzle pieces this one around the railing of the stairs

This is the kids playing "hobo land" in the back of the van, we had it pulled up on the front lawn, so it would be easier to unload the wood

My mom and I installed and wired the downstairs light.  Here is Grandma and Prairie installing and wiring the upstairs light.

Ben worked hard when he got home from work.

Ben worked at installing trim on the roof.

We got a solid wood door, so we could cut it to size.  Here is the door cut to size, in the lower picture you can see the two upper panels that we cut off.

Working at installing the doors from the inside and the outside.

Good thing we got the lights in, now Grandma and Grandpa could both be working late into the night (1am infact)

The door is in!

Grandpa installing the doorbell.

The battery operated doorbell hung HIGH on the wall so the kids can't take it down and put it wherever they want.

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Randy and Susan Landon said...

What a neat playhouse. I am very impressed. Has Mary Anne had any time to exercise "?