Sunday, December 02, 2012

I am not great at nighttime photography, but here is our house lit up for Christmas.

It is really fun to have that 11ft picture window in our front room.  I remember 2 years ago when we would drive by this house, hoping, and dreaming of living here.  Ben saying how we would put our Christmas tree in that big window so everyone that drove by could see it.  It really is a miracle that we got this house.  It is fun to see a dream come true.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Hair Cut

We buzzed Zephyr's head after Memorial Day Weekend for the summer, because his hair kept getting in his eyes when we went swimming.  We hadn't cut it since, so this is 6 months worth of growth.  I was going to cut it in October, but we decided to wait until after Halloween so his hair would be nice and curly for Nacho Libre.  So I had been meaning to cut his hair, and then a woman at the grocery store ask how old "she" was. I decided I was going to make time.  Anyway here is the haircut.  I miss his long curls, I think they are fun, but he looks very daper.