Monday, September 03, 2012

Hiking Timp

I got to hike Mount Timpanogos today with some of my extended family.  Timp is 11,749 ft in elevation.  We took the Timponeeke Trail this year (after last year taking the Aspen Grove trial and swearing we could never hike timp again!)  I think everyone enjoyed the Timponeeke trail a lot more, I know I did!

I really enjoyed getting to hike this with my extended family.  It was fun to have 9 of my cousins up there, and an aunt and a uncle.  It sure makes me appreciate the family I am in.  I love doing stuff with my family.  I can't wait for our annual hike next labor day weekend!  Timponeeke for life!

Group Picture before we started 12 Weinheimers + 3 friends  (we started at 6:10am) 

 Me smiling becase we did NOT do the Aspen Grove trail and I didn't have to walk through that miserable rock field behind me (that was covered in snow and ice in 2011 when we hiked it)

Me with 5 of my cousins, my uncle and my aunt at the saddle.  I want to give a special shoutout to my 10- year old cousin Benjamin, you made it! 

Me at the hut at 11,749 ft 

Provo (and southern utah county) in the background with me at the summit