Friday, June 29, 2012

Zephyr's Hair

Zephyr has great hair.  Thick, dark, big curls.  Ironically enough I don't have any desire to do my girls hair, but I like doing his hair, but generally he doesn't want me too.  He had a mohawk for a couple of months, but we were keeping it long enough that we could curl it up with gel, but when we went swimming it kept getting in his eyes, so I buzzed it all off, and we miss the curls.  Zephyr was thrilled to have a haircut like Papi (not that short!).  I am excited for his hair to grow longer so we can see the curls again.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Zephyr's Pi Birthday!

Zephyr was pi years old on May 25th.  We dedcided to make a real adventure out of it and go to Pie Town, New Mexico.  My dad decided to meet us.  Pie Town turned out to be pretty small, and unless you are eating at the Pie-o-neer Cafe or at the Good Pie Cafe there isn't really anything to do.  We had plans to spend the whole day there, but after lunch and a half an hour at the broken down playground equipement, we decided we would rather go back to our hotel early  (there are no hotels in Pie Town).

 Our first night on our way to New Mexico.  We pushed the queen bed in the corner and had the kids sleep on the width way.  It worked out really nice.

Zephyr at Pio-o-neer Cafe with all the different pies we ordered (Apple pie, cherry pie, coconut cream pie, pear-cranberry-gingerpie , apple-green chile-pine nut pie, and chocolate pie)

Pio-o-neer Cafe sign

Our new bumper sticker (reminds me of the roscoe diner sticker)

All of us in front of the Pio-o-neer Cafe

Our photographer (I can't remember her name)  but she took a picture with Autumn and Prairie because she also has daughters and two of them are Autumn and Prairie.  Crazy meeting someone in Pie Town, NM that had girls with the same name as ours.  And no she did not have a Zephyr, her son had a lot more common name.

 Our family

The good Pie Cafe

For the second meal of Pi Birthday, we had pizza pie, pie to go  (cocnut cream pie, key lime pie, blackberry pie ) from the Good Pie Cafe in Pie Town, NM, and Little Debbie's marshmallow pies.  

Zephyr thoroughly enjoyed his pi birthday and  we kept coaching him to tell people he was pi years old.  Ben got pulled over like 30 mins from Pie Town (mind you this is New Mexico and it is pretty desolate) for speeding.  He got a speeding ticket and he was trying to explain why we were going to Pie Town, and the police officer just looked at us like we were crazy.

We stayed in Gallup, NM (two hours away from Pie Town).  So on the 4 hours of driving that day I read the book Pie by Sarah Weeks.  It was a fun read especially on Zephyr's pie birthday.

Also we listened to Albuquerque by Weird Al a few times in honor of being in New Mexico.  Ironically enough my dad stayed at a Holiday Inn in Albuquerque.

We were also planning on going to Mesa Verde National Park during this family vacation, but it was sooo windy, that it didn't sound fun at all, so we ended up doing a lot of swimming at the hotels pool, with Pie Town being a little of a bust and it being so windy.

We had a really good time on our trip, and are glad we went, but have no plans to make Pie Town, NM a destination again.