Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Our carved pumpkins that we grew in our garden. I will have to admit I LOVED not buying our pumpkins and just walking out to the garden. Also we didn't even plant these, we had like 30 volunteer pumpkin plants and I got rid of about 25 of them. So here is to pumpkins that just grew! (we used our compost from last year and I had put the pumpkin seeds from last year in our compost)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Camping In Moab

The kids had 2 days off from school and got early out on the Wednesday so I decided that I should take the three kids camping to Arches national Park. There were no camping spots available at the National park, but I talk to the BLM office and they said I should be able to find a campsite close to Arches. So I loaded the kids, drove the 3 hours down there, and we left late, and by time we got there it was dark. We drove around for 2 hours in the dark looking for a campsite, never found one so finally went and "camped" at the Motel 6 and ate hot dogs from the microwave at 10:30pm.

The next morning we found a campsite, I set up our tent and we headed to Arches. We had a great day and did a 3 mile hike round trip to delicate Arch, and I LOVED it. Zephyr was a trooper and didn't want me to carry him, but we didn't plan well for his nap, so 1.5 miles back to our van he rode in the Ergo carrier and fell asleep. We had plenty of water, but it was a really hot hike. There was hardly any shade and we were going in the middle of the day. When we finished we went and picked up some firewood and went back to our campsite.

I worked on the dinner and the kids played by the river and in the tent. I was having a hard time with the fire because I didn't have any kindling, so the kids gathered some. I FINALLY got a good fire going, and dinner cooking on the campstove. Right about when dinner was done I puked in the bushes by our van. It was dark now, and so I served up dinner, but could hardly eat anything. I had had a headache for a couple of hours. All 4 of us sat by the fire and ate our dinner, (I could hardly eat any) but the kids LOVED what I cooked, and said I should make it all the time. Thankfully the time I can't possibly get them anything else to eat they actually like what I made. So they finish eating and I feel soooo miserable. So I tell them I just really want to talk to Ben, but we are about 3 miles away from cell phone service. So we all load in the van in our pj's and drive so I can talk to Ben.

When we get to cell phone service I call him and just start bawling. Telling him how sick I feel. He immediately says he will come, but I say no it will be okay, but then I proceed to puke while I am on the phone with them. Then he was adamant that I tell him what campground and what number we are at. Now keep in mind we have one vehicle and I am 190 miles away from home. Anyway Ben borrows a car from our neighbors and drives to Moab to be with me and help out, though ironically by time he got there at 2am, I had slept for a few hours and felt much much better. So much better we spent the next day at Arches.

Anyway overall we had a great time. I was really glad I took the kids camping. I learned that I will probably just go within an hour of our house if I am going to go without Ben, and I love camping with my husband. I was really glad that he came when I was so sick.

Zephyr trying to figure out what pull-ups are for

The kids at delicate arch. They were pretty tired. I kept promising them a fruit leather when we got to the arch.

That is Autumn and Prairie on the left base of the arch, and on the right-hand side of the that base. Autumn is wearing a white t-shirt. It is pretty large. I was impressed.

Close-up of Autumn and Prairie

I got someone to take a picture of me with my kids at the arch (I need to crop the man in the yllow shirt out but I was too lazy today)

Prairie sitting in her "seat" that she found, and then Zephyr had to try it too.

Our campsite by the colorado river

Autumn (on the left) and Prairie (on the right) climbing up a rock

Ben and the kids sitting on a ledge on one of the fins (large rock formation).

close up of Ben and the kids on the ledge

Autumn, Zephyr and Prairie at landscape arch (Landscape arch is around 290 ft long)


Emily and Ben at the landscape arch

Friday, October 28, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

Prairie had a really rough day of kindergarten so I didn't feel like posting pictures of her while she was at school, so now two months later I am getting to it.

We had to literally pull her into the school and then she had a 45 minute freak out session in the hall. Yelling, crying, hitting. It was pretty intense. I started crying at one point because I was so sad that she was so scared and couldn't verbalize it with us. Anyway we finally got her to calm down and she went and had a great time. We decided to take some pictures on the second day of school when she was happy to go.

First day of school outfit (at this point we didn't know she was scared)

Zephyr wanted his picture taken too

Things starting to get bad. She won't get out of the van, trying to close the door. We had to pull her out and quickly lock the doors so she wouldn't get back in.

Finishing her first day, and she enjoyed herself. (We restrained ourselves and didn't take pictures o freak out session)

Second day of school. No drama this morning, phew! Showing off her jaguar backpack.

We ran into Autumn in the hallway, and the sisters were overjoyed to see eachother.

Prairie showing us her hand and name on the wall.