Monday, August 22, 2011

First day of Second Grade

Autumn started her first day of second grade today. She was really REALLY nervous. The last two years she went to an elementary school for spanish immersion, then we decided to switch her to the elementary school in our neighborhood. We are excited to be going to school with all our our neighborhood friends, but Autumn is now doing chinese immersion and she didn't do first grade, so she has no chinese background right now.

When we dropped her off she was nervous. The teachers are extremely strict about not speaking any English in front of the students. So even with the parents the teacher will only speak chinese (lucky for us Ben took 3 semesters in college and can get by). At first the teacher told her she was in the wrong classroom (because there is another Autumn) but we all got it worked out even with the teacher only speaking Chinese.

Ben taught her how to ask a couple of questions in Chinese because the students aren't allowed to speak any English in class either. Anyway I hope it goes well today.

Autumn insisted that she needed to stand on something for first day of school pictures because of the first day of kindergarten.

It was fun to take first day of school pictures at our new house. Ironically this is not the door that we use to leave for school. Oh well.

We LOVED walking to school, and seeing so many people we knew going to and from school.