Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pictures of the House

I decided it was high time to post some pictures of my house. I kept delaying because we bought a foreclosed home that was empty for 10 months, so there has been a lot that needed to be done to the house, and I kept thinking that I wanted it to look better or whatever, but I decided I was tired of that and would post pictures of it in its imperfect state. (For example Ben has been working on the sprinklers so there is piles of dirt and sod on our sidewalks.)

We have been living here for 6 months! I really can't believe that we have been here half of a year already. We absolutely adore our house, and have really found a new hobby for ourselves....home improvements! I will have to post before and after pictures of the inside. I don't have any before pictures of the outside. The grass was completely yellow when we moved in because it wasn't watered at all last summer.

***disclaimer: The yard hasn't been mowed for a while, the grass hasn't been watered for over a week because Ben has been trying desperately to fix our sprinklers, and we have been putting in our own fence, so this is a realistic look at our house, not a pretty staged one.

This is our house viewed from the street

This is the view of our property from the corner (we have a corner house). Also that is NOT our Porsche, we are just renting out part of our driveway.

This is the view of our house from the other street. The garage is on the basement floor. Our house was built in two stages. the basement was the only thing built for a long time, but then a family bought the house and decided to build the upstairs and that was in 1949.

The side yard by the basement door.

A view of the garage, and the porch on top of the garage with our 12 ft picture window

A view of the porch and the front door on the main floor.

The huge porch. the kids LOVE playing here, doing scooters and small bikes and whatever else. Even though that huge window is southern facing, it really doesn't get a lot of heat coming through it during the summer because of the large tree that shades the porch.

The sidewalk leads around the house to the backyard. This fence is very new, like Ben finished it last night. We now have an area of our yard that is fenced in and we can let our dog out, we are so excited!

This is the side of the house, and where the yard is fenced. That door goes into our kitchen.

This is the fenced in backyard

This is the two story playhouse in the backyard, that is a little rough but has a lot of potential.

This is the view from my kitchen door.

more views

This is the view of the side yard by the basement door, viewed from the porch

From the kitchen door looking to the front yard

Views from the porch swing on the front porch by the front door

View of our double driveway (why we have space to rent out)