Friday, March 11, 2011


The kids love coconut. He is so playful and fun. Prairie loves putting him on the leash and running around in the yard with him.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

My birthday

I woke up to this little guy two days after we moved into our new house for my birthday. I was surprised, I thought we were going to wait until we were settled into our house before we got a dog. Ben had other ideas. We sure love him (except his extremely sharp puppy teeth, and the "surprises" he leaves for us on the carpet).

P.S. It is a boy, and his name is Coconut. He is a poodle. He is 5 weeks old in this picture (he is now 11 weeks old). He was about 2 lbs here and is now about 5 lbs. He should get to be about 10 lbs full grown.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I have the coolest friend

So with all the repairs we have been doing on our house we have spent a lot of money and really need to not spend money now. So I paid the last person for work they had done and then that day my dryer breaks. I honestly kept hoping that if I pushed the button it would magically start working again.

I really didn't want to go buy a new dryer, but we got this one used, so it didn't seem worth it to pay someone to repair it more than it cost us to get. Ben was ready to go out and buy a dryer on Saturday, but I asked him to give me a little more time. I told him I wanted to take it apart and try to figure out what was wrong with it. He was really skeptical, and didn't want me to try, but finally relented and said he would wait a couple of more days to go buy another one.

So I called my really cool friend on Saturday, who is really brave (atleast I think she is). I told her my dryer was broken and wanted to know if she wanted to come over and try to help me fix it. She excitedly said yes. She came over and "we" (as in I stood there and watched) while she took apart the dryer, she did a lot of searching on the internet, untils she basically narrowed it down to one of two things, and we both thought that the one was more likely.

So today I went and bought the replacement thermo fuse, and put it in all by myself and guess what..... My dryer worked again! I was sooooooo thrilled. The fuse cost $20, which is well worth it to have my dryer working again. Having my friend come over and help me, helps me to feel mkore adventurous fixing other stuff.

Friday, March 04, 2011


So we bought a house in January and moved in at the end of January. We are still getting settled because we have done a lot of work on the house in the first month. We have had tons of different people here doing different things to improve the house. It was a foreclosure, and needed a little work. Now we are to the part that we can start doing cosmetic stuff, but already spent our money on all the essential stuff, oh well isn't that the case.

I have been having some technically difficulties with the internet, but hopefully that will be up this week, and connected to the computer that has all of our pictures. We did a small remodel job on the kitchen, and I want to show pictures of my house, which by the way I absolutely love! We have soooo many large windows, which is a dream come true, and we have beautiful views of the mountains. We have a 12ft long 5ft tall window in the front room, it is MASSIVE and it is south facing and we get all this delicious sunlight all day long. Yeah I am loving it. Now if I can actually get unpacked, so we aren't living in time, right?

So I haven't really been blogging since the summer. This buying a house has been an absolute roller coaster. We weren't even thinking about buying a house for atleast 2 years, but this was in our neighborhood, the interest rates were sooooo low, and everything fell into place. We feel so lucky to have this house.

So I have found a new hobby -- home improvement! I can't believe how much time we spend doing stuff on the house. I know once I actually unpack everything, and now that we don't have different workers at our house everyday, I will start to feel settled, and actually have time for some sewing, but there is a pretty feeling of fulfillment to do work on your own place.

Anyway so here is to some pictures coming.... sometime?