Sunday, February 28, 2010

Autumn the bike star

Autumn got a bike for her birthday in November. A bicycle with no training wheels. We tried riding it that day, and a couple of days after, but then we got some snow, and haven't touched the bike since November. She was a little discouraged how much harder it is to ride a bike without training wheels.

On Friday, we were having really nice weather so the girls decided to play in the backyard. We have tons of cement in our backyard so Autumn pulled out her bike onto it. There is like 20 ft of space was trying to ride her bike, and was able to stay up for a couple of seconds. She rad in to tell me and was really excited. She had been thinking to herself that she would never ride that bike, and then thought, unless I try. So she got on on tried. So then we took the bike to the front yard, and she practiced going on the sidewalk, and by the end of the afternoon was zooming up and down our sidewalk of our block and swerving around obstacles (neighbors, other bikes and bushes).

I was so impressed that she just got on and did it, and basically taught herself. She is in LOVE with riding her bike. That is all she wanted to do yesterday. She wanted to know if she could ride her bike to the errands we had to run. So today we told her we could ride bikes to church. Our church is 0.6 mile away, and we have to cross one busy road, and the road we go on is fairly busy. Anyway she was a little nervous but did a great job, and is excited about biking everywhere.

Autumn and Prairie biking with their neighborhood friend (Prairie got Autumn's old bike when Autumn got a new bike for her birthday)

Prairie set up seats to watch Autumn bike. Autumn indulged Prairie and sat down for like a whole 30 seconds. You can't keep Autumn away from her bike.

Autumn working on her jumping off the bike skills, so she won't crash

Autumn riding her bike