Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Scenery Shots

I sure love living in Utah. I think it is gorgeous!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Iowa Recap

Even though it was sad circumstances to go out to Iowa, Ben's parents, siblings, and extended family are so fabulous that we were still able to have a lot of enjoyable times and good laughs. We got to go spend an afternoon in probably mine and Ben's favorite city, Ames (also where Autumn was born). If Ben didn't love his job so much in Provo, and Utah hadn't grown on us so much we would try to find a job in Ames.

We also got to enjoy the fall foliage and they had a couple of overcast and dreary days, which seemed kind of appropriate for Ben's sister's viewing and memorial service, but then we had a beautiful sunny day that was just perfect for playing the backyard.


Prairie, Papi and Zephyr enjoying the porch swing in the backyard of Poopa and Grandmother's house

Silas (Zephyr's cousin that is one week older)

Silas enjoying the leaves

Prairie having fun throwing leaves in the air

Autumn having so much fun in the backyard

Ben's little sister, Lindsey, finally consented to Ben doing his trick with Silas, Silas was a champ

This is how invigorating the trip to Ames was for Prairie (just kidding she had a great time at the Ames Public Library when Papi put on a puppet show to enertain all the kids in the children's section of the library)

This is how Zephyr loves to such his fingers, especially when he is eating solids, one bite of food, one such on the fingers, another bite of food, another suck on the fingers

Autumn and Prairie had a blast using the plethora of canes around the house as crutches

Zephyr and Silas holding hands (and then shortly after that they kept grabbing the other one's pacifier)

Autumn, Zephyr and Prairie with great-Grandma Parker (this is Ben's mom's mom)

Halloween Recap

We did a lot of fun things for Halloween. The week before halloween we had a halloween party for the girls and their friends. It was nonstop work, so I don't have any pictures from the party with 11 little kids running around.

I was working on Zephyr's Halloween costume (and his winter coat, it was a combo deal) and I thought I want this to fit all winter, so I made it a 6-9 month size. Well when it was almost done, I tried it on Zephyr, and it was huge. Luckily I had exactly enough fabric let to make a 3-6 month size. Well Zephyr's cousin that is 1 week older than him is much larger, and the larger one fit him perfect, so they had matching costumes. Their grandpa calls Silas the Bullfrong and Zephyr the tadpole.

The kids at the Monte L. Bean museum for the halloween festivities

Autumn as Belle and her brand new American girl doll that she has been saving up for for months in her matching Belle dress

Prairie as Diego from the Nickoloden show Go Diego Go, who is Dora the Explorer's cousin

and of course Prairie had to have a rescue pack

Hannah, Ben's cousin, Zephyr, Silas, Prairie, Autumn and Chrissa (Autumn's doll)

Ben and his sister Lindsey each of them holding their son, in their matching frog costumes

Smiley Silas and cutie Zephyr in the frog costumes

Autumn with her haul, she was pleased!
(Prairie was too excited to start eating to set our her candy in piles)