Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer catch-up

My kids all pysched about the summer reading program (don't mention to Autumn though that we got too busy and we won't be going to the pool pary)

We have been so busy this summer, too busy to blog. Since Zephyr's baby blessing we have:

  • Went to Idaho for our nephew’s baby blessing
  • Went to New York for 11 days, helped put on a quilt show for my mom’s 50th birthday, saw Wicked and took all 3 kids down to NYC for a day
  • Had a 5 day Weinheimer reunion in Eden, Utah (had my dad visiting for a week for it)
  • Had cousin Nick visit at our house for a day
  • Ben’s little sister and her baby have been to Utah to visit 3 times and have spent time with them
  • My parents visited for a weekend for a friend’s wedding ad we had a great day at seven peaks
  • Took the family to Llama fest

Now it feels like summer is almost done, and I love summer, and we need to get Autumn all ready to start kindergarten!

Here is some assorted pictures from a variety of activities this summer.

Prairie had been wanting for a quite a while to have Zephyr sleep in her baby doll crib, she was thrilled


Ben wearing Zephyr in a wrap and then a sling. We have pictures of Ben doing and not me, because I do it all day everyday so it isn't picture worthy I guess.

The girls doing rockets with their Poopa (Ben's dad). Their favorite part is when the large rocket 's engine blew up and scared Grandmother and made her fall.

Four generational picture

Great-Gram with Zephyr

Zephyr in bed with his Papi

the cousins (Zephyr and his cousin Silas that is exactly one week older)

Prairie sleeping on Papi's legs

Zephyr sleeping in bed with Mommy

the girls taking a bath

Autumn, Prairie, Cousin Nick, Emily and Zephyr

the girls spending quality time with Nick

Prairie's cutie face

Zephyr and some quality naked time. Let me just say that getting Zephyr naked is almost guarenteed he won't be fussy and will be VERY happy. I never really gave either of the girls naked time, but Zephyr gets it because he is actually happy and I am not holding him.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Prairie's Pi Birthday

Prairie with her pies

Prairie pi years old!

Priarie was 3.14159 years old on Sunday June 28th. We celebrated with some family and friends. For our main dish we had pizza pie (one with pepperoni, and one with cheese but with pineapples for the pi, also I used fresh mozzarella chesse which was sooo good).

Then I made 6 dessert pies (I somehow missed a closeup picture of the strawberry rhubarb pie), which were so yummy, but we had so much leftovers! Two of our friends brought over pies too, so we had tons of pies.

Key Lime pie, recipe taken from Cafe Johnsonia

Oreo pie (oreo crust, with vanilla pudding and whip cream with crushed oreos)

Lucy pie ( a favorite from growning up, it is a cream cheese and whip cream pie) with blackberries as topping

Coconut cream pie, with toasted coconut for the pi symbol

and a pumpkin pie per Janardan's request, and the pi birthday celebration was Janardan's idea.

When Autumn turned 3, Janardan (my sister's husband) asked if we were going to celebrate Autumn's pi birthday. We had never thought about it, but thought it sounded like a lot of fun. Now it is a tradtion we are planning on, to celebrate each of our children's pi birthdays. This time Janardan asked when Autumn would be 2pi years old, and I told him I was done with one pi birthday per kid.

Another picture of the spread. To see Autumn's pi birthday click here.

Prairie was really into her pi birthday. She loved all the pies. Though she did ask where her cake was for her birthday, she didn't completely understand that this was a birthday with no cake. At church that day she kept telling everybody that she was pi years old, it was pretty funny.

Sunday, July 26, 2009