Monday, May 18, 2009

Tummy Time

So we have been doing tummy time with Zephyr, and he hates it.  That is pretty much the only time we hear him screaming is when he has to do tummy time.  Autumn think I am torturing him or something.  I try to explain that it is his exercise, but she just thinks it is plain mean to make him do his tummy time.  Zephyr is so strong though, a lot of the time he will rotate his body 180 degrees, or even roll over because he is pushing so much.

Ben's grandma, Gram, made baby quilts for all the grandkids, and now for all the great-grandkids.  We were able to see Gram and she gave him his baby blanket.  We have been using it for tummy time.  Autumn and Prairie decided that they needed to do tummy time with their baby brother, and that they of course had to do it on their blankets from Gram.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Faces of Prairie

One night we found Prairie awake far after we had put her to bed.  Autumn had left her makeup bag out that had nail polish.  Prairie painted blue nail polish all over her forehead and hand.  It took Ben atleast a half an hour to clean it all off, and Prairie decided getting it cleaned off wasn't very fun even though she got to stay up later.

This is from one morning when Ben made smoothies, and it was a pretty thick one and Prairie tried to drink it.  It was so thick on her face, that Ben carried all the way from the kitchen to the bedroom so I could see it.

Prairie fell off of her scooter and hit her head on the pavement and got this wonderful gooseegg.  Then like two days later she ran into the door frame in our bedroom and got a bump and a bruise in the middle of her forehead.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meeting Grandpas

Zephyr had the occasion of meeting 3 different grandpas during April.  After my mom came out for a week I had a week with no help, and then my dad came out for a week.  While my dad was here we had my grandpa over (Zephyr's only living great-grandpa).  Then Ben's dad made an unexpected visit to Utah, so he got to meet Zephyr also.  

Zephyr with his Grandpa Oviatt, more affectionately known as Poopa

Zephyr with his Great-Grandpa Weinheimer, known as the Brown Grandpa.  My kids are the only great-grandchildren on my dad's side of the family.  My grandpa just celebrated his 80th birthday this past November.

Zephyr with his Grandpa Weinheimer, known as Baba Russ.

Baba Russ, Zephyr and Autumn all stacked up

the girls using the slings that they got as gifts when Zephyr was born

All three of us using our slings with our babies

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Prairie

Prairie turned 3 years old on Thursday May 7th.  Ben was able to take off work early.  We took her to this really nice indoor pool that is designed for children.  She loves to swim, so this really was a treat for her.  She told me that she wanted a Blue's Clues cake, and that she wanted Blue's whole body, so I made that, and she was so thrilled.  She was so cute and genuine about telling me that she liked her cake, that I felt like I would make her a cake every single day if she was that cute.

The day before her birthday aunt Laura dropped off a gift from her and Poopa.  Prairie was thrilled with her bubble shooter.  She used all the bubble stuff by the afternoon, and the batteries were dead on the bubble shooter by 2 days later.

She also got this cute little dog from her great-grandma.

And Prairie got a tu-tu from me and Ben, and Prairie informed us that ballerinas don't wear shirts, so she immediately striped off all of her clothes and put on her tu-tu and danced around for everyone.  She has worn that tu-tu almost everyday, she LOVES it.