Thursday, April 23, 2009

2 week update

Yeah I know Zephyr will be 3 weeks tomorrow, but here is the 2 week update.  We had Zephyr's 2 week pediatrician appointment on Monday and he has not regained his birth weight, and isn't even close.  I honestly wasn't that surprised, considering that none of my kids by their 2 week appointment have regained their birth weights.  I know I have enough milk, because I have been pumping after he feeds, and I usually pump a couple of ounces.  So the doctor thinks that Zephyr is a lazy eater, so for this week he wants me to breastfeed him, and then when he seems done supplement him with a 2 ounce bottle.  Ben was insightful enough to suggest I start pumping when Zephyr was a week old so that we have enough breast milk stored up so that we can supplement with breastmilk and not formula.  When Prairie hadn't regained her birth weight, we weren't prepared and had to use formula, and it was killing me since I was spending so much time breastfeeding, and then I still had to use formula.  

Anyway feedings take FOREVER this week because I breastfeed him, then I pump, so that I am actually making enough milk for him, since he doesn't seem to  be nursing once he is filled up, and then bottle feeding him 2 ounces.  I really hope he has gained some weight, because this seriously takes too long.  On the plus side, Ben and Autumn have really loved helping to do some of the bottle feedings.  Even Prairie wants to help, but she really doesn't have the attention span to do it very long.

We sure enjoyed having Grandma here for a week, to see some of the fun stuff she did with the girls check out here blog here

Aunt Jennie, Autumn and Zephyr snuggling (Zephyr likes sucking on fingers better than pacifiers)

Autumn and Zephyr

Zephyr fell asleep while I was holding him in my sling, and then I put him down to sleep in his bean bag

cutie Zephyr

Zephyr in his second sunday outfit, he had a coordinating bowtie with his Papi

Prairie helping out Zephyr during his tummy time.  He was whining a little bit, and Prairie thought he needed a pillow, and her monkey blanket, and then she set up the bean bag so she could be laying by him, and then she decided that he really just wanted to suck one of her fingers.  

When I asked her if she washed her hands she told me no, but she washed the finger he was sucking, and I was like okay.  But then later she showed me how she washed it, she sucked it off in her mouth.  

Zephyr with Priarie's "clean" finger in his mouth

Monday, April 13, 2009

Loads more pictures

So we had the most wonderful first week.  It was so great to have Ben home for 9 days, we all loved it.  I read about this couple doing a "babymoon" when their baby was born, and I thought that sounded fun.  Ours was more of a family moon, since this was our 3rd child, but that is really what it felt like.  We called it our staycation (stay at home vacation).  Ben took the girls to do fun activities, we had homemade fruit smoothies almost every day, and splurged and got the most delicious chocolate cake from Costco.  

Saturday and Sunday I got a little sad because Ben was going back to work on Monday, but I also knew that real life didn't have to set in yet.  My mom flew in late sunday night and we have her here all week, and that is soooo helpful.  

Anyway here are a bunch of pictures from our familymoon or staycation.

Zephyr all stretched out (thanks Shawn I LOVE this outfit)

Prairie being the big sister and loving it

Naked Zephyr 

Autumn pushing Zephyr in her doll stroller

Autumn holding Zephyr

Zephyr's first Sunday at Church
the kids in their coordinating outfits 

Ben with the kids (Ben has bowtie out of the plaid fabric, and Zephyr has a real tying bowtie too, thanks to Lindsey and Fred for letting me take a pattern off of Fritz's bowtie)

The whole family (no I don't have anything with the plaid on)

Prairie and Zephyr snuggling together, I went to get Prairie's pajamas for her, and she laid down next to Zephyr and shared her Monkey blanket with him, and if you know Prairie that is very special that she was willing to share the blanket

Monday, April 06, 2009

Lots of Zephyr pictures

Things are going pretty well.  I am tired, but that is to be expected.  Ben has the whole week off from work, and is being amazing and taking care of everything, so pretty much my job is to feed Zephyr right now, and rest as much as I can.  The girls love Zephyr and love having Papi at home.

Prairie holding Zephyr when is about 10 hours old

Aunt Laura meeting and holding Zephyr for the first time

Autumn holding Zephyr when is about 34 hours old

Zephyr's First Bath
Ben gave Zephyr is first bath on Saturday

Zephyr not happy about being in his bean bag

cute little baby shoes

Aunt Jennie with Zephyr

Friday, April 03, 2009

He is FINALLY here!

16 days after his due date, but right on time on the 3rd of April 2009 at 12:23 am mountain time.  We are naming our son Zephyr and he is 21.75" long, 9 lbs. 5 oz.  The labor and delivery went really well.  Mom and baby are doing great.  We loved having the baby at home, the midwives were awesome!