Tuesday, March 31, 2009

13 days overdue

No baby yet, and no I don't want to be induced yet.  We have a midwife appointment today, we will discuss options.   My sister was 13 days late.  I really think this baby wants to come on April fools day, atleast that is what I am hoping at this point.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby Boy Beck

We got a phone call at 3:15am this morning to tell us that we had a new nephew!  We are soooo excited!  Ben's little sister Lindsey was pregnant, and they hadn't found out what they were having, so we were very excited to find out it was a boy. 

Lindsey wasn't due until April 2nd, so her baby came 6 days early, and here we are 9 days late and no indication of our baby boy coming yet.  We were really surprised.  This whole time, I think Ben and I thought we would have our baby first.  We are so excited for them, and wish sooooo much that we could drive up to Idaho this weekend and see that new baby.

Autumn on the other hand was very upset when she found out that Lindsey was in labor and going to the hospital.  She said she wanted our baby to be older.  But once we told her that Lindsey actually had the baby and it was a boy, she seemed to get really excited, but she was disappointed that she is going to have wait for so long to see the baby.

some picture from December when we saw Lindsey and Dustin:
Ben and Lindsey with their tummies

Emily and Lindsey around 6 months pregnant

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Yoga Afternoon

The girls enjoying their yoga mats that they got for Christmas (they are doing eagle pose here)

(also a sneak peak of my new rug that we got in the mail over the weekend)

the girls following along with their yoga ABC's DVD doing flower pose

Non preschool days are harder than our preschool days.  Autumn loves preschool, and has a harder time on days when she doesn't have preschool.  I suggested a couple of times playmates to invite over, but she was frustrated that the kids she wanted over were all at school.  

Anyway this afternoon was going pretty well, but then Autumn had a melt down because Prairie wasn't doing exactly what she wanted.  So after she had a time out to cool down, the next thing I know Autumn informed me that her and Prairie were going to exercise.  I was cooking dinner, so I couldn't do it with them.  Autumn found a pilates book on our bookshelf and told Prairie that she would show her how to do the different exercises.  

Well after a few minutes of that Prairie decided she would rather do a yoga video so she asked me if they could do a yoga video, so I pulled out the tv for them and they did yoga will I made dinner.  It was a lot of fun to see them do yoga together, and also really helped me out this afternoon/evening while I was making dinner.  Then when they finished yoga, their Aunt Laura called and said she could babysit, so Ben and I could go out to a movie.  So yoga and Laura totally saved me from losing it with Autumn this evening.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

41 weeks

Just thought I should post some pictures so everyone can see that I really am still pregnant.  I am not anxious.  I am fine letting this baby come on its on time schedule, and I would really not think about being induced with pitocin until 43 weeks.  My midwife has some more natural ways to help induce labor that we might start trying next week, but I would really rather just let my body and the baby go at their own speed.

So I am just trying to take it easy, not start too many new sewing projects, and enjoy these last few days when I only have girls.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Grandmother Oviatt's Birthday

Today Ben's mom turns 50 years old.  When I told Autumn earlier this week that her grandmother was having a special birthday, Autumn responded that she wanted to sew something for her.  So she went in the sewing room, went through the scrap box and picked out fabrics, and started cutting stuff all by herself.  I was making dinner, so she asked me to change the thread in the machine, and then set it up for her to sew.  It was a lot of fun to see her just start a project and do a lot of it without me even in the room.

She was able to finish the quilt in time that we sent it on tuesday with 2 day mail and it got to her Grandmother's house in time for her birthday.  Autumn was so pleased.

Autumn ironing

Autumn sewing

Autumn with the finished quilt (front view)

Autumn with the finishe quilt (back view)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Some Pregnancy Talk

So I am 39 weeks and 5 days along.  I really wanted to post something today, because when I was 39 weeks and 5 days along with Prairie we moved that day.  The move was just a little under a mile, but nonetheless a move.  

I am soooooo glad that I am not moving today.  It was not my favorite thing moving so close to my due date, but everything worked out fine.  I am glad that my bed, the baby's bassinet and crib, and all my other stuff is already set up in my house, and my house is relatively clean.  It is nice to not feel so stressed, and I can relax and enjoy these last days before we have another baby.

Don't get me wrong I am getting a little anxious about having this baby, but I have basically come to terms that this baby will probably be close to a week late ore more, just like my girls.  The difference is with my girls I WANTED them to come late because with Prairie I was moving, and with Autumn I was going to school full time and I had 4 exams from her due date until 9 days after her due date.  Autumn came 10 days late, exactly the day I wanted her to come.  I don't really have any compelling reason to want this baby to come late, so I thought that maybe it wouldn't, but I am starting to think that is just how my body operates, and I am totally okay with that.  I would much prefer my body to go into labor than being induced or anything, but I am getting a little excited about meeting our little baby boy. 

Ben and the girls are excited about our baby boy being born too.  Autumn says she wants her baby brother to come because she really wants to hold him, and because then Papi doesn't have to go to work.  Ben is taking a week off as soon as our baby is born, and I know he is exicted to have a week off.  With both of our girls Ben was in school, and pretty much didn't miss any school or work, so it is nice this time to have a full time job and Ben has vacation saved up so he can be home.  Ben and the girls have tons of fun activities planned for them to do the week that he is home.

Anyway, so no baby, and no indication that he will come any sooner than his sisters did, but very happy that we aren't moving today.

Here are some pictures from our Friday night.  We have a friend from church that is in a punk band, and they were playing at a club in Salt Lake City, so Ben and I punked out to see him and his band perform.  It was a lot of fun.

Yes Ben has eye liner on, and he used magnets for his gages.


I am not very good about doing tags.  But the photo ones alway interest me, because I can't imagine that I actaully have a good picture following the rules, but then I am surprised.  This tag was picke the 6th picture in your 6th file.

This is July 2005 when we still lived in Ames, Iowa.  Autumn had been giving Ben backrubs with the little massagers that you hold, but now she was getting the backrub.  Autumn is 20 months old here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

39 Weeks

Autumn was 10 days late and Prairie was 7 days late, so we most likely still have more than 7 days left, but we are getting near the end.

Prairie feeling pretty cool because she is taller than Mommy when she stands on the counter.

****These pictures were actually taken like when I was 37.5 weeks, but I am 39 weeks today****

Monday, March 02, 2009

Project Weekends

Autumn has been in New York and Maryland for the past 11 days, and Ben and I have taken advatage of only have one kid to get some projects done around our place.  Also I really wanted to get some stuff done before we entered the whole 3 kid phase.

Our bedroom has wood paneling, and the brown was really dark when we first moved in, so we talked to our landlords and they said they would pay for the paint for us to paint it white.  Last weekend we painted the bedroom, and I LOVE it!  Our closet was all brown, the walls, and everything, and now it is all white.  It is so bright!  

I didn't get any before pictures of our bedroom, but I have some after ones.  There is also a built in chest of drawers, but I told Ben and I didn't want to do it last week because it needed quite a bit of prep work, such as sanding and stuff, and I wanted to make sure we finished our room over the weekend, because I figured just painting the chest of drawers wouldn't be so bad some other day.

So Saturday we pulled all the drawers out, took the handles off, Ben sanded them down and the chest of drawers, and started an assembly line to paint them all.  Ben was good enough to let Prairie help.  I was able to put the drawers back in today and they look so nice.

Prairie and Ben with their masks on so when they sand they don't inhale dust

Prairie and Papi sanding the chest of drawers down

Ben painting his assembly line of drawers after having sanding them

the drawers (Ben said that they had been the ivory yelllow color, blue, and pink at one point, it was good he sanding down all those layers first)

Before picture of the chest of drawers

After pictures of the chest of drawers, I think they looks sooo nice!

Ben also built a shelf for me in a cupboard, and once I get all the stuff organized in there I will post some before and after pictures.