Friday, February 27, 2009

Valentine's Day Recap

Autumn was  very excited about Valentine's Day this year, and so I had to get more into the holiday than I usually do.  We cut out red and pink hearts and hung them from ceiling in our front room (all Autumn's idea).  Autumn said that we needed to make cookies for Valentine's Day also.  I don't have any pictures but we made heart shaped sugar cookies and decorated them.  We even had their cousin Vaughn over and helped decorate/eat the cookies, and then Ben took Autumn to deliver the cookies to her friends.

Then on the actual day of Valentine's Day we had Ben's little sister and her husband visiting with us.  I was at the track in the morning and when I got home Ben was making pancakes, but much to Autumn's dismay he refused to cook any heart-shaped pancakes.  

We all went to the dollar theater and saw Madagascar 2 and afterwards we made empanadas, and I made special ones for Autumn and Prairie that were heart shaped (they were a lot more work, so there were only 2 heart-shaped empanadas made).  Anyways it was a pretty relaxed day, but Autumn had been very very excited about it.

Prairie and Autumn with their Valentine's presents (fruit snacks from Mommy and Papi, and a packagae of M&M's that said "we luv u Prairie" and "we luv u Autumn" from Grandma and Grandpa Ciccotelli)

Ben our official empanada maker

Prairie with her heart-shaped emapanda

Autumn with her heart-shaped empanada

Emily at 35.5 weeks pregnant, and Ben's little sister Lindsey at 33.5 weeks pregnant

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Man Craft Time

Three and a half weeks ago we were going to make cupids in preparation for Valentine's day.  I am not a big decorator for holidays, but Autumn was being very insistent about what we needed to do for Valentine's day.  So I told her we could make these cupids on a monday evening, but we ran out of time roasting hot dogs over the fire in the fireplace.  So I told her we would do it another day.  Well the next evening she really wanted to make them and I told her I couldn't because I was making dinner .... then Ben showed up home early from work and we had man craft time.  Ben sat down and made the cupids with the girls, but kept telling them that it was man craft time, and that they needed to use "man" scissors and the man everything.  Anyway it was a lot of fun, the girls loved their crafts, and Ben made it so much fun for them.

This was my view while I cooked dinner

Ben making the bow and arrow out of pipe cleaners for cupid

Ben helping Prairie glue on the cotton balls for cupid's hair (Ben got creative and didn't follow the instructions for this, and Autumn refused to do except for the way the instructions said)

Prairie with her cupid

Autumn with her cupid

the girls with their cupids and Papi for man craft time

As a side note, I hope we have many more evenings of man craft time, it was so enjoyable!