Wednesday, December 31, 2008

November and December Review

So I haven't really been blogging very much so I wanted to highlight some of the stuff we did the past two months.

Jennie Returns to Utah!

The night Jennie got back, all the girls up on Autumn's top bunk snuggling together (Prairie is not picking her nose in this picture, when she is getting ready to sleep she rubs the ties from her blanket on her nose)

Going to the park with Jennie and doing choo-choo trains on the slides, they even got their 5 month pregnant mom to get on the slide too (it was very squishy and very fun)

My Dad and I with the Tur-Duc-Ken we cooked for Thanksgiving dinner

A close up of the Tur-duc-ken (which is a boneless chicken stuffed inside of a boneless duck which is then stuff inside of a semi-boneless turkey) it was so tasty and the best Turkey I have ever had for Thanksgiving

Prairie and Autumn reading the newspaper with Baba Russ

the blue tea party (all Autumn's idea)

Autumn reading stories to Prairie in the child's rocking chair

Racking up the leaves in the yard, and barely finishing before the first real snow, and once we got our first snow we haven't seen the grass yet, so phew, we did it in time!

Prairie loving twirling in her Christmas dress
The First Snow!
Autumn throwing snowballs at her Mommy and Papi

Prairie throwing snowballs

our little baby boy enjoying his first snow in the comfort of his mother's womb

sleepovers by the Christmas tree (their cousin Vaughn is closest to the camera, then Autumn, then Prairie) Vaughn was just there for the evening, but me and the girls did sleep out in the front room by the Christmas tree 3 different times during December

Prairie enjoying my boots (and always taking the insoles out!)

Autumn enjoying the camera she got for her birthday in November

our family had an evening at temple square to see the lights

Prairie pulling out ALL the puzzles when Poopa came over

the girls reading books with Poopa

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

christmas report

We had a ton of family in town, and I loved every minute of it, but now I am recovering, from going going, going for almost 2 weeks. My mom was here and I had so much fun sewing with her, and then her husband flew in for Christmas, and it was so nice to spend Christmas morning with them. I haven't done that for 4 years, so I really enjoyed it.

Then Ben's parents decided to come out to Utah for Christmas too, and their trip completely overlapped with my parent's trip, so we were trying to find time to spend with them too. And since they decided to come, Ben's sister from Idaho and her husband decided to come down and visit after Christmas. So we got to see a lot of people and are so grateful for so many family members.

Autumn anxiously awaiting Christmas Eve dinner

Prairie and Autumn in their new pajamas (Prairie actually slept in them, and not naked, that is a miracle!)

Prairie opening up her new baby crib with the new bedding and everything

Autumn wearing her new Belle Princess Dress over her pajamas

Autumn thrilled that Grandma found some leftover fabric from the cow blanket that was made 5 years ago, and now Atticus has a matching blanket

Prairie sporting her new hat and jacket made for her by Grandma for Christmas

Prairie VERY excited about her new baby doll with matching pajamas

Prairie and Autumn using large boxes as a car and driving their babies around town

Autumn in her Belle dress without the pajamas

Autumn and Prairie in their new outfits from Nana

My adorable nephews in their spiderman pajamas that I made for them for Christmas presents