Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So I thought I had been tagged, but as I went back looking through the different blogs I read, I couldn't actually find being tagged, but it looked like fun, and so I am doing it. Also just a disclaimer, I am not very good about being tagged, I know my cousin tagged me months ago, and I have still thought about doing it. So don't be offended if you tag me and I don't really get it, I really don't blog about a lot things that I am thinking about so I have a hard time with the tags sometimes.

Anyway this tag was open the fourth folder in your pictures folder and then the fourth picture in that folder and post it. Anyway here is the beauty that I found. I really had no intention of doing this tag, but when I saw the picture, I really thought I better, especially for my friend Emmaly (the one on the left).

Keep in mind these are 3 girls from a USDA-ARS corn starch analysis lab. That is right we had the really cool job up soaking, peeling corn, grinding it up, and then seperating the starch and then analysising the starch. It was actually a really good paying college job and I loved working there. This picture is from December 2002. And yes I am a little embarrassed about how seriously I seem to be taking this Charlie's Angels photo shoot.

Monday, November 10, 2008


We are only having one ultrasound during my entire pregnancy, and my midwife strongly recommended that we waited until I was 21 weeks to do the ultrasound. Ben has been going crazy since about 17 weeks, because he knew that you can tell the gender that early. We didn't find out with Prairie and Ben says we are never doing that again. I thought it was fun not knowing the whole pregnancy, but Ben didn't, so we found out this time and ....... we are having a BOY! We are soooo excited! Ben was really really hoping for a boy, and I was really excited for either, I totally thought it would be fun to have 3 little girls, but if I really had my druthers, I was probably slightly leaning towards the boy side (completely unlike with Autumn and Priarie, where I most decidedly wanted girls, and would have had to have a total adjustment, and a little disappointment to find out I was having a boy, but my feelings have been really different with this pregnancy).

You can see the head and the hands

Anyway I am excited about having a boy. Autumn was kind of hoping for another sister, but she seems fine with it. I was talking to her about having a baby brother and she said she was a little sad because she wanted a girl. Then she told me that she was worried because boys die before girls, and I exclaimed, where did you hear that, and then she tells me that her baba Russ (my dad) told her that. Then I tried to explain the context, that when people get really old, often men a little younger, but the real thing is she was worried about her baby brother dying. So then I promptly called my dad and "thanked" him for giving Autumn that little piece of information, when she isn't really old enough to understand the context, my dad just chuckled.

The baby's spine

Also one other note of interest, Autumn has seemed really excited about the ultrasound, so we decided that she would go late to preschool today so she could go with us. Well we went and they were running a little behind schedule so we started a movie in the waiting room. Well once it was our turn, the room is just off from the waiting room, and we were the only people in the office, so the ultrasound tech said the girls could stay in the waiting room and keep watching the movie if we wanted and we could leave the door open. So Autumn has been so excited about this ultrasound, but when it came down to it, the rugrats movie was way more exciting, so Ben had to yell out to the waiting room to tell the girls that they were having a baby brother, Autumn initial response "oh ok" (leave me alone i am watching this movie). Anyway I was amused by that.

So to celebrate today I made this outfit for our little boy. I am very excited, but also feel very busy since I need to gather up some boy clothes, as in I plan on sewing a lot, but very excited about it. I already have plans for cute little sunday outfits out of an old suit that Ben ripped the pants out on, so we are going to have a well dressed little boy.

By the way, how cool is my mom, she got me these snaps that look like buttons, in case I had a boy so that I could make all kinds of button up shirts, without the pain of actually doing buttons on a baby -- I LOVE these snaps, they are so cute!


So I am finally getting to posting about Halloween. It has been a crazy week and a half. I got pretty sick the day before Halloween and spent the whole day in bed, and then on Halloween I spent a lot of the day on the couch, but was feeling well enough that I went out with the girls. I didn't want to miss it yet. My dad has come out every year for Halloween since Autumn was born, so this was his 5th Halloween to spend with us. This year Autumn dressed her Grandpa up to go tick-or-treating. It was a lot of fun.

I have also been really busy with our church's ward party. I am the co-chair activity person and we don't have a committee right now, so it was pretty much a 2 woman show with our husband's help, but it all turned out great, and now we are just trying to finish up painting our front room.

Anyways here is a bunch of pictures of the girls in their costumes and with their candy. Autumn requested I make her doll Atticus a matching Aurora dress, so that was the only costume I had to make for Halloween. Autumn's Aurora dress I made for Christmas last year and, i made the frog costume for Autumn 2 years ago, so Prairie got to recycle it, so it was a pretty easy year on sewing for me.

Autumn and Atticus in their Aurora dresses

Autumn, Atticus, Prairie and the potty-training baby all in their costumes
my cute girls

my dad all dressed up compliments of Autumn for trick-or-treating

Prairie with the baby dolls

Autumn with her stash

Prairie with her stash