Monday, October 20, 2008

A little bit of a catch up

So my house is still not completely unpacked. It feels like we are getting really really close. Ben and I keep trading off being sick, so that has made it hard to finish the house. Also I have really wanted to finish the house and also enjoy the nice fall weather so that is the lack of blogging.

Here are a few of the highlights of October so far.

The girls are loving have easy access to the backyard and playing out there whenever they feel like it, even if I am making dinner or something. It is sooo nice, that is one of the main reasons we wanted to move, so that our girls could play outside more. It is so nice that Autumn can play outside during Prairie's nap, or while I am making dinner, it is easier to take our lunch outside, we are loving it.

Autumn found our box of outside toys and was loving doing the bubbles. Prairie was enjoying the blanket that we had out for lunch.

The lacrosse stick family provided entertainment for like a week for Autumn, until we decided to play lacrosse in the backyard. The tallest lacrosse stick with the sweater is Ben, I am the one with the Aurora dress, he lacrosse stick the flowered dress wtih orange, green and brown flowers is Autumn, the next lacrosse stick with the jumper on is Prairie, and the red lacrosse stick is the baby and it is a naked baby. Autumn did all of this all by herself and loved taking the lacrosse stick family around the house.

On the second weekend in October my cousin and her husband, and my aunt and uncle all came down for the BYU football game. We got to watch my cousin's adorable daughter Hannah. So we had 3 girls, a 4 year old, a 3 year old and a 2 year old. The three girls had sooooo much fun. Hannah brought these Krispy Kreme donut hats for the girls.

If you notice there is a fire in the fireplace. Our weather decided to skip fall and go straight to winter. We had flurries in the morning and it was so cold. Ben built a fire and the girls had so much fun making beds out of blankets and pillows on the ground, and just laying the dark watching the fire.

Here is one of the days I have been sick (not pregnancy sick, like we keep getting the flu, head colds, sore throats, I just want to be done with the winter sickness and winter hasn't even started). Ben checked out the movie the 10 commandments from the library and we spent a Sunday afternoon watching it. Autumn was so cute and snuggled up with me to watch the movie and we had matching blankets, how cute, right?

Autumn loves our fireplace seating. She likes to use it as a desk and has been really into drawing pictures. So here she is drawing pictures and Prairie completely fascinated just watching Autumn draw. We really like our new place.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Autumn all ready to leave for preschool

Autumn had her first day of Preschool for this school year yesterday. She went to a preschool that a lady in our neighborhood runs for about a month and a half in the spring. This preschool she is attending is called Baby Bulldogs. It is at the high school, the high school students actually run it. That is why it doesn't start until October because they have a while to be trained in what to do in the preschool.

This preschool reminds me more of kindergarten. It is a large room with all of these different stations. I am really excited about Autumn going there I think she will really enjoy it.

She was really nervous, but she got excited once I went through the different things they would be doing every day. They had an open house before preschool started and I think that really helped her feeling more comfortable.

Autumn wearing her Aurora t-shirt and her Aurora fuzzy pants (she left the jacket that matches the pants in Maryland)

Autumn on tuesday (the day before preschool starts) tells me that we need to go to Joann's to get some new fabric for a new outfit for the first day of school. I was kind of concerned because that is not what i was planning on doing on tuesday, so she decided that she could wear her new aurora (sleeping beauty) outfit that her grandma got her, phew!

Prairie all excited to take Autumn to preschool

Autumn at the high school ready for preschool, wearing her bike helmet

We were a little late getting ready, and with all the pictures Autumn wanted me to take and the video she wanted me to do, we were going to be a little late. Our plan is to bike to preschool everyday that she has it. Well I suggested that maybe we should just drive so we aren't late, well Autumn says, "No mom, let's bike, I want to be healthy, it's okay to be a little late." I have the coolest kids ever.

Prairie making herself comfortable at the preschool

Autumn and her friend Clark singing the Itsy bitsy spider