Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hair Cut

a good picture to see how long my hair had been

So my hair has been driving me crazy. I have needed a trim or cut since last september, but Ben and been delaying and delaying cutting my hair. He has done it before, but he was really apprehensive about doing it. I kept telling him that my hair is soooo long that if he really botched it up we could go to someone and pay them to fix it and cut off another 3 inches and you probably still would barely be able to tell that I got my haircut. Also with going swimming so much the chlorine was just ruining the really old hair, to the point that I wasn't even combing it, because it was so difficult and it immediately starts clumping and sticking together again.

Ever since high school I have been saying that I was going to grow my hair long enough to cut it off to donate to locks of love. When I was in high school you had to have atleast 12 inches, and I never waited long enough to get it that long, so that i wouldn't have to have it super short afterwards. So I decided that my hair was long enough that I could take off 10 inches and still have a decent length haircut (meaning I could get into a ponytail for running, biking, whatever).

So I got a haircut and after everything was said and done I think I got about 13 inches cut off. I wish the hairdresser has been a little more careful so that I could have had a longer strip to donate, but atleast I have hair to donate.

the hair donation

my new haircut

Monday, July 07, 2008


So June is over, and we have been pretty occupied with family stuff. Me and the girls went out to Maryland for 10 days, and then later in the month Ben's parents arrived in utah, and his mom will be in the area for 3 weeks. Now my dad is in town for the big Weinheimer family reunion. So here are some of the pictures from June.

We made a trip up to Bridal Veil falls in Provo Canyon one evening, the girls really enjoyed themselves, even if the water is freezing!

Autumn got her own camelbak because it is hot in Utah, and we bike a decent amount and then she has access to water all the time. It was really cute though, because we bought it at the outdoor store at BYU campus and then we walked around campus for a while and she drank so much water because it was right there on her back that she got a tummy ache.

Prairie had her two year appointment with the doctor, and the girls loved playing in the cabinets in the doctor's office. They pretended they were bunkbeds. So we found out that Prairie is huge. Her head circumference is 20.5 inches which is off the charts, no surprise considering her head has been off since she was 4 months old. She was 37.5 inches and that was off the charts, so very tall, and she weighs 32.3 lbs which is the 94th percentile. Anyways she is just a dominating kid for 2 years old, and her personality is kind of dominating also, I guess we might have to work on that.

Also Autumn got 4 shots, she wasn't happy about it, but now she has all the shots she will need for Headstart this fall and Kindergarten next year and won't need shots again until she is 11 or 12.

Prairie petting the goat

We had a birthday bar-be-que with Ben's uncle and aunt because there are 3 days in a row with birthdays in the Oviatt family. It was a lot of fun because Ben's parents got in that day, so it was a great party. Prairie really loved the goats at their house, and we even got to swim in their swimming pool, but we went when it was dusk, so too cold for the girls, they mostly sat wrapped up in towels watching everyone else.

Hannah (Ben's cousin who is 8) and Autumn with one of the goats

And the other great event in June is Ben's birthday. Ben turned 29 on June 30th. me and the girls surprised him at work with pizza from his favorite place, then I made him chicken parmesan, homemade garlic bread for dinner, fresh steamed broccoli and his favorite for his birthday treat, raspberry lemon tart. Then after dinner Ben and I got to go see the Hulk and we had his parents babysit, it was a very fun day.

Ben and the girls with his raspberry lemon tart

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Our newest nephew Dean Arthur Higginson born on 14th of June 2008!


The Proud Poopa with his second grandson

Grandmother with her new grandson

Autumn has been very excited about her new cousin

Uncle Ben

Prairie LOVES babies, and Dean was not exception, she was so thrilled to hold him