Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Insane schedule

Prairie at the fabric store with one of Grandma's hexabags

The job that Ben started at the end of Februaruy has been very demanding. We figure he is spending between 50-55 hours a week at work doing stuff, which is way more than we were expecting. He has also been teaching a class at BYU which adds another 5-10 hours a week that he is gone. Another job fell into Ben's lap, and it is working for the state government, and it will be a lot more therapy and less case management, and he will be working a lot fewer hours a week. I am thrilled because we will actually get to see Ben again. I think there has only been one weekend since Ben has started that he didn't go into work at all on the weekend. We are both exhausted, and we need evenings and weekends.

Grandma helping Prairie get ready for bed

Last week was his last week at his old job and yesterday was his first day at his new job. He still has some paper work that he needs to tie off at the old job, so he will still going there in the evenings this week, and then hopefully next week, we will actually see Ben in the evenings and the weekends, yay!

Grandma reading books to the girls

Anyway we knew last week was going to be really stressful, and my mom had spring break so she flew out to visit. It worked out great, because she got to spend a lot of quality time with her granddaughters and help my sister tie up the loose ends she had for moving to Texas this week. It was fun to have my mom and she spoiled me like usual with tons of fabric, now I just need to sew it all up. I am so excited because i got patterns for swimsuits, now I need to make a couple for Autumn before Seven Peaks opens in a month.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Autumn and pre-school

Autumn leaving preschool on her first day

Autumn has been getting a little antsy at home, so I decided to put her in preschool, even though it will only be until the end of May. It works out great because a lady I know from church runs a preschool across the street from me, so we can get their quickly. It is twice a week, which is perfect, and then this fall I am enrolling her in preschool that meets 4 days a week.

Autumn in her new clothes

Anyway, she was pretty nervous about starting so she got to pick out fabric for a new outfit. Preschool started for Autumn a week ago and she wore her new outfit. Then tuesday night she reminded me that I needed to wash her special preschool clothes because they had gotten dirty. Somehow she had gotten it in her mind that those are the ONLY clothes that she would ever wear to preschool. I washed them and let her wear them her second day. Today was her third day and she wore a different outfit, so now I won't have to wash that outfit every other day.

Autumn in her cute princess shirt


Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Half-Marathon

Emily pre-race (I got really nervous and Ben was good enough to get me to calm down and not hyperventilate too long)

Emily crossing the finish line (the reason the time says 2:27:20, but my actual time was 2:24:47 is because they have a time chip to correct for when you actually cross the start line, there are so many runners that it takes a while to get to the start line)

One of my new years goals was to run the Salt Lake City half marathon (that is 13.1 miles) this year. Well the half marathon was yesterday and I completed it in 2 hours and 24 minutes that averages out to 11.03 minutes per mile. Before I started training for the half marathon in January the furthest I had ever run was 3.5 miles, so I was really pleased with all the training I have done, and with my time.

This is me right after crossing the finish line and I can see Ben and the girls, and I can see Prairie saying "Mommy, mommy, mommy" over and over, I was soooo happy to see them after the long 13.1 miles, what a bummer I didn't get to hug them or anything until an hour later

The big bummer of the run was that I had no idea how big the race was, and have never run in something with official time chips, etc. So I didn't have a meeting place planned with my family for after the race. I happen to see my dad while I was running, and called out to him shortly before I crossed the finish line, and then Ben was standing on the finish line with the girls, but on the other side of the gate, so no hugs or anything, and I still had to turn in my time chip. Anyway I didn't meet up with them until an hour after I finished, and at that point, I didn't have the high of just finishing and was just so anxious to see them. I thought I would be so emotional, but instead I was just getting stressed out about seeing my family. My sister commented that it was anti-climatic also, because she was getting emotional watching people cross the finish line, and got emotional seeing me finish, and was so excited to run up and give me a hug, but by time an hour has passed the same emotions just aren't surging through you.

FINALLY reunited with the family!

It was a fun weekend, my dad flew out to see me finish, he rented a vacation house outside of salt lake city so that my family, my sister and her husband, and my dad could all stay together and be closer to the race. It was a great weekend, even though my thighs are very sore now.

Emily post-race with her finisher's medal and tons of new blisters on her feet!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ready for Spring

I didn't take any pictures of the girls on Easter, but this past sunday they wore their Easter dresses again. These were the dresses that Grandma Mary Anne made for them, and Autumn picked out all the fabrics and where they should go on each dress.

So we are officially ready for spring around here. I did all the clothes shifting today. I moved all the girls winter clothes into the storage boxes and moved all of their summer clothes into their drawers. I still have a couple more things to finish sewing for Autumn for this summer, but I think she will be pretty well outfitted.

We are headed to Salt Lake city for the weekend. My dad flew into visit and he rented a vacation house for the weekend. We get to relax, and Autumn can't wait because she knows on vacations she gets to watch a lot more tv than normal, all week she told she is excited to watch tv.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Felt Food

Here is the felt food that I made the girls for Christmas. I also have pizza and a green pepper that I need to complete. Autumn has requested that I make her apples, oranges, broccoli and cantaloupe.....maybe next Christmas.

In case you can't tell what the food is, it is 3 hot dogs in hot dog buns, 3 crescent rolls, 3 slices of pumpkin pie, 3 bunches of grapes, 3 ears of corn, pea pods, 4 slices of bread, 1 watermelon slice, 3 bananas with removable skins, and 3 fried eggs. The hot dogs and buns, bread and crescent rolls are patterns from a book my mom bought me, everything else is patterns of my own design.


Those of you (grandparents) that can't get enough pictures of my girls, here are some more.

Autumn wanted me to zip up her pajamas with her head inside, she thought this was really funny

This is how the girls wanted to take their nap and rest, and I vetoed, but I did get pictures

Ben decided that Prairie was outgrowing the mopping bucket for her bath, so he found another sterlite container to be bath for Prairie, she enjoyed the extra room

Autumn set up an elaborate picnic for the whole family sunday morning

Monday, April 14, 2008

Potty Training Update

Prairie prancing around in her monkey panties (her favorite) and high heels

So a couple of people have asked so here is the potty training update, it is going great. She is completely pee trained during the day (we are still using diapers at night), and the bowel movement training is coming along and is basically done. Lots of times she will go (b.m.) as she is running to the potty or just not sit down soon enough. The last two b.m.'s though she did in the potty with no accidents, and excitedly got the whole family to see. It is great to have her potty trained, and I am so excited for swimming this summer with no diapers. Also her diaper has been nearly dry the last two mornings, to the point I can't tell if she went in it or not, so maybe sooner than later I will be completely diaper free! So anyone out there that is thinking about potty training, I would recommend this book Toilet Training in less than a day by Nathan H. Azrin and Richard M. Foxx. If you really are going to use it, I have a few criticisms, and depending on the age of your child, it might take more than a day (it did with Prairie) but within a couple of days it should click. Potty training has felt pretty much painless in comparison to the months of training I did with Autumn. So I am pleased. I am not pregnant and so I can see a good long while without a diaper bag, ah what bliss :)

Prairie going through her different faces (happy, sad, mad and thinking)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Silly Prairie

During dinner time Prairie climbed up on her highchair in the position that is first pictured in the video. Ben immediately started getting after her, telling her that she needed to sit down and eat, but she started shaking her bum in our faces, and Ben and I started laughing so hard. We had to tape it, so Prairie didn't really get in trouble for climbing and balancing precariously on her highchair.

Prairie waiting for Ben to get diapers to put on her for bedtime