Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Catch up

So I haven't been blogging a lot in the last month, so I am going to catch up on some high points.

Prairie has started wearing dress up high heels, and loves wearing them all over the house. She has also decided that she doesn't really like clothes. Every night she rips her pajamas off and throws them out of her crib. This morning she was calling for me "Mommy, help, mommy help". When I went in her room she was in crib wrapped up in her blanket with just a diaper on. Once I came in the room she said "frio, frio, mommy" (Spanish for cold). she didn't want to get out of bed until she had clothes on.

Riding the bus with the girls, Prairie yelling for bus whenever she sees one now

Hanging out with Jason and the girls loving him and totally wearing him out

Prairie helping me cook dinner for the first time, she is very independent and doesn't want help

Ben making my birthday cake. This is the first time since I have moved from home that I have not been involved in making my cake, thanks Ben! It turned out great!

I turned 25!

Autumn taking her rest in a box!

Reading books with the girls

Christmas coming to the girls bedroom while I was still asleep in the morning.

Autumn said the umbrella was their Christmas tree, and the hangers were Christmas lights. She had hung a toy on each and every hanger. Prairie and Autumn were loving their Christmas celebration until I woke up their squeals of delight.

Autumn working on crafts for our family's chinese new year celebration

Ben preparing the food for our Chinese New Year celebration

Prairie wearing Ben's jacket from when he was two

Prairie wearing Ben's first pair of glasses when he was a kid

Bag Tag

So a couple of weeks ago I thought I had been tagged, but then I realized after I had taken the pictures that it was probably some one else. Oh well I thought I might as well post the tag anyway.

So this is a bag tag and here are the rules:

1. Show a picture of your bag
2. Show a picture of ALL the contents of your bag- no cleaning out first!
3. "Bag Tag" 5 people

1. Here is my bag, it is a camelbak backpack. I just want to say how much I LOVE my bag, it was a total impulse buy, but I am so glad that I bought it. I love having a backpack because then I don't feel like I might accidentally hit my kids with my bag, or it doesn't get in the way if I need to carry 1 or even 2 kids. Also having water with me without thinking about it, is sooooo nice! Also both of my girls know how to drink out of it, so I don't have to bring sippies with me everywhere, just my "purse". Also there isn't a lot of room in it, so I don't have a lot of extra junk.
2. Here is the contents, this is actually a little more than there is normally in there.

-my car keys and house keys on my Pelham lanyard. Also I want to put my little plug in for lanyards, they are so helpful with kids, because when I am going out to the car or into the house, I can just hang my keys around my neck and then I am ready for them. Also for those of you that don't know Pelham is where I lived in NY during my high school years and that is where I graduated from High school, I love Pelham!

-my wallet, which i got when Ben and I went to Argentina, because Autumn like my hello kitty wallet too much, so I decided to upgrade to a more adult wallet and let her play with my hello kitty one

-my ipod nano which I got for free for having a checking account with key bank. Check it out it is a great way to get an ipod (also makes jogging possible for me, so I don't get bored, I love listening to podcasts, audio books, and even music sometimes )

-my bike keys on the ribbon, so I don't need to take all of my keys for a bike ride

-reams $20 gift card. So there is a story with this. Someone left this anonymously on our door step at Christmas time. Ben and I felt really grateful, because we thought it would really help. Well I never go to Reams, but I wanted to use the Reams card. So I took both the girls with me, in the afternoon, they were going crazy in the store, Prairie was climbing all over the cart. So when I got to the register line, the lady told me that my card had no money on it. That was soooo disappointing, and so frustrating, because that is the only reason I went to Reams!

-my stardust movie stub from the dollar theatre, the last date Ben and I had gone on, and we had such a good time. We both really liked the movie.

-last off all the hair clips, Autumn had her hair in a ponytail, but her hair isn't quite long enough so she had tons of clips in, but they were falling out, so we took them all out and stuck them in my bag.

So that is my bag, I hope everyone enjoyed the contents of my bag.

3. I won't tag anyone specifically, but if you read my blog and want to do the tag consider yourself tagged.

Jump On It

Jump On It facilities

So about a month ago, on a Friday night Ben really wanted to do a fun family activity. The whole family had been sick so we had been home ridden the whole week, and Ben wanted to get our girls out of the house and do something fun. We had never been to this place called Jump On It so we decided to go. The girls had such a good time, and since then have been jumping on the couches a lot more.

Prairie was pretty nervous when we got there and got upset if she was on a trampoline and anyone came on the same one as her, but she got more comfortable. Since then she had been standing on the couch yelling, jump, jump, jump, jump. She is so adorable. Autumn loved it, and loved seeing some the "amazing" tricks her parents could do (you know bouncing onto your knees and back up to standing).

I am so glad that Ben wanted to do something and that he takes initiative, because sometimes I am too much of a tight wide for my own good. Our family had a great time and it was so worth the money we spent.
I know it is blurry, but they were both having so much fun!

Me and Autumn playing on the trampolines

Autumn loved playing ball on the trampolines

Autumn bouncing in the blow up castle

Prairie enjoying the trampoline with papi's help

Prairie jumping all by herself

Prairie sliding down the blown up slide, this was her favorite thing to do