Friday, September 21, 2007

Enjoying the end of Summer

We have been busy doing ....something? I really don't know what we have been doing with all of our time, but it is flying by, and I have hardly taken any pictures. We just spent a week in Idaho with my Mom and visiting my Grandpa and I didn't take any pictures, and that was the last time I would probably ever stay in my gradnparent's house, because we cleaned it out and they are going to sell it now. Anyway here are some pictures, maybe I can get some pictures from my Mom from our Idaho trip.

Autumn with her short hair cut

So in the end of August Aunt Lindsey came down from Idaho and visited for the weekend. I went wedding dress shopping with her and her two sisters (all three of ben's sisters). It was a lot of fun and Lindsey looked amazing in all the pictures. Ben's aunt found out Lindsey was in town so invited us up to South Jordan for dinner and games in the backyard. They have a large yard and lots of animals. Autumn and Prairie love going there.

Me and my girls on Kelly and Gary Oviatt's bean bag

Autumn feeding the baby goat with a bottle full of milk

Autumn really enjoyed feeding the goat, but had a difficult time because the goat would pull really hard on the bottle, almost pulling it out of Autumn's hands

Prairie playing with the crochet balls

Autumn by the bunny pen

Prairie seeing the kitty and doing her sign for kitty

Autumn holding a bunny

Prairie playing