Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Ben got a free learner accordion off of craigslist. This is Autumn playing the accordion.

Ben showing his sister, Laura, his new learner accordion. Laura is very talented on the piano and was able to convert her skills to the accordion quickly. She performed a song on the accordion for her family when they were all over at our house for a Bar-be-que. Ben's parents were here all last week bringing Lindsey back to school, and helping Laura and Lisa out.

Prairie getting into the pantry and very proud of it.

Laura and Prairie at Brick Oven Pizza for an Oviatt Family outing.

Grandmother Isis being a horsey for Autumn.

Autumn and Prairie wearing their new skirts that I made for them this week.

I have been sick for a couple days. I wasn't up to doing much monday afternoon, so Autumn was watching Aladdin and we both fell asleep while Prairie took a nap in her crib.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Just Pictures

Autumn trying on the grocery bags

Prairie in her new Easter dress

I never got around to making Autumn and Prairie's new dresses, so while I was in Maryland my dad took me shopping, and we got these cute matching dresses for the girls from Old Navy. So now I will have to make their Easter dresses for spring/summer dresses.

This is Autumn being very obliging about letting me take her picture.

My girls are getting older. They were both sitting at the counter. Autumn eating her breakfast, Prairie sitting in her bumbo in the stool and just playing with stuff on the counter.

Autumn playing baseball with her Aunt Laura. She actually did a really good job and hit the ball a number of times.

Autumn in her lost winter hat. I love her eyes. I think Autumn look so beautiful when she wears a hat, because her eyes just pop out.

Autumn wanting me to take this pictures because she had to have the scarf in the picture too.

Autumn pretending that Prairie is her pillow.

Prairie is getting old enough that my girls can really start to play with each other. Autumn is starting to wrestle with Prairie, Prairie can't really wrestle back, but she gets moved on the ground, flipped over (gently of course). Yesterday I had to keep going in their bedroom during nap time, because Autumn kept crawling into Prairie's crib and keeping both of them awake. It was pretty cute, I almost didn't want to stop it, but then I realized that I really do want them to take naps, so we put the fear of death into Autumn if she got in the crib again, and they both had to take naps. It is so much fun to have two kids. We were in the backyard working on our garden and Autumn was running around doing imaginative play like usual. Prairie scooted up next to me, pulled herself up the garden bed and started stuffing large amounts of dirt into her mouth. She looked so cute. It looked like Autumn had licked all the cream filling off Oreo cookies and gave the chocolate cookie to Prairie. Just black dirt everywhere. Good thing I am not using pesticides or anything, then I would be more worried. I am just really happy with my two girls.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Autumn's quotes

Prairie enjoying her freedom of climbing up the stairs

A couple of quotables lines from Autumn.

At church on Sunday we were having a terrible three day. At one point Autumn was leaning over the bench in front of us, and hitting the people. I told Autumn she couldn't do that, and she replies, "I'm bad to the bone." I almost started laughing out loud.

Autumn running around with the swimming ring, she kinda looks like an alien space ship.

A couple of days ago I was on the main floor of my dad's townhouse. Autumn was on the next floor up. She started yelling for me. I eventually went upstairs. She was running around doing a potty dance. She wouldn't go to the bathroom until I came, even though she goes by herself all the time. I was standing there talking to her while she goes potty. She is all done and tells me that she needs to be wiped. Our deal is that I wipe when she goes poop. I tell her that she needs to wipe because she didn't poop. She tells me that she did poop, but she is lying, I look in the potty and discover this. So I still make her wipe herself. Then I tell her that she is almost old enough that she can wipe herslef even when she goes poop, and she responds "that's so a-sciting! (exciting)", sounding really excited like I told her that she gets candy.

Autumn helping Prairie eat a banana.

Spencer (3 years), Samantha (5.5 years) and Autumn.

We had friends that we knew in Iowa that moved out to Virginia a little over 2.5 years ago. We haven't ever made it to their house to visit them when we are out in the DC area, but I did this time. They bought a really nice townhouse a little less than a year ago, and they also had had another child since we knew them. It was really fun to go see them. Autumn had a great time playing with their kids.

Samantha is in the back, then Spencer, Jan, Prairie (screaming) and Autumn. We tried to get a picture of all the kids, but Prairie wasn't very accomodating.

So we had a great trip out to Maryland, and I am happy to report that Autumn didn't scream once on the flight home, took an hour and a half nap, enjoyed watching movies, and enjoyed playing games with her Mommy. Prairie wasn't so great, but atleast only one of them was difficult to deal with.

April is the month of grandparents. We got back on friday night (13th) and a couple of hours after we got home, the Oviatts (Ben's parents) got into town, and they are in Utah/Idaho for a week. Then 5 days after they leave the Ciccotellit grandparents show up for my step-brother's graduation and baby Ty's baby blessing, so I figured that I think only 10 days out of the 30 this month Autumn won't either be with grandparents or have them in town.

Friday, April 06, 2007


So I flew with both of the girls yesterday, by myself. I was getting apprenhensive about the trip, because I had flown with both of them on the way home from New York last month, and it wasn't the worst 5 hours of my life, but I really can't think of what was the worst 5 hours of my life. My mom told me how wonderful Autumn was when she flew with her, and my mom has a portable dvd player. I figured this must be why Autumn acted out so much with me, as in kicking the seats, standing up, refusing to put her seatbelt on, etc. In genereal how I was talking about the terrible threes, that behavior almost constantly on the 4.5 hour flight back to Utah.

So I have been thinking about my trip out to Maryland, and have been thinking that a portable DVD player would be the key to my success, well it wasn't. I had some money from a medical study that I had had Prairie apart of, and I finally decided that that would be worth it. Best Buy was having an online (i didn't know at the time that it was only online) sale of a lower end portable dvd player. I didn't decided to buy until 2 days before I was leaving so, I had to buy in store, because I wasn't going to pay for shipping. Well it turns out that Best Buy has a buy online, but pick up in store option that I didn't know about. So I went to buy my magical portable DVD player and it isn't on sale in store, so I have to wait in these lines talk to all these people. Then I find out if I want the free carrying case (yes I do) I have to buy it online and then pick it up in the store option if I want it before I leave for Maryland. The lady is nice enough to tell me that I can use one of their computers to buy it online, but of course the system wasn't working, and there store wasn't appearing as option to pick up at. The lady was really nice, she tried going to some other computers to see if it would work, but it wasn't. Then she tried doing it to, and it still wasn't working. I think having a crying baby and a small child full of energy, really paid of for me here. The lady told me that I could always go home, buy online there, and then come back to pick it up (it was already past the girls bedtime, and driving to Orem is like the bane of my existence). I ask if I can just see the free carrying case, to see if all this effort is even worth it. She takes a few mintues to go find it, and then shows it to me, and I realize that I really do want a carrying case for the DVD player, and so decide that I will go to all this additional effort. Then she nicely tells me that she talked to her manager and because of all the problems we were having, they would just give me the case, even though they aren't suppose to do that in the store. So I scored, I got the on sale DVD player and the case in the store, and had it in time for my flying.

So Autumn watched like 30 minutes on the DVD player and then she was way more interested in pulling her skirts to different height and trying to jump on her seat, and getting really upset when I reminded her she needed to wear her seatbelt. Also the plastic cup from the drinks, almost provided as much enertainment as the portable dvd player. At one point Prairie was asleep and Autumn kicked her awake. They really did do okay, but they both screamed at times, and there was nothing I could do about it. They both had to get up 2.5 hours earlier than they ususally do, Prairie only got 20 minutes of her normal hour to an hour and a half morning nap, and neither one of them got their afternoon naps until they fell asleep in the car on the way home from the airport.

Oh yeah, also a tip for all those people out there that ever fly with kids. DON'T HAVE THEM WEARING OVERALLS. Let's just say that all three of us, that's right, Autumn, and Prairie too had to have pat down searches because of Prairie's overalls. I will definitely not be having Prairie wear her overalls home.

An exciting advancement with Prairie is that she is doing the milk sign, it is so cute. About three days ago I thought she was doing it, but wasn't sure, if it was just a coincidence. Now I know that she knows it. Two days ago at breakfast, she started pushing all of her food away and then she did the milk sign some what hesitantly, and then got really excited when we actually got her a bottle of milk. This morning when she woke up she started doing the milk sign. She was really proud of herself, and kept doing it over and over while she was drinking her milk. It is soooo fun to have her doing signs. I can't wait for her to start doing more.

Oh yeah one more about Prairie. She has been really excited about the stairs at my dad's house. She climbed up the entire flight to the second floor, with my dad right behid her, so she wouldn't fall. That will be the project while we aer here is to teach her to go feet down first, instead of trying to go head first down. Well she kept wanting to climb them. Anyways we were getting ready to eat dinner, and I had put Prairie in the kitchen, then me and my dad started trying to get the high chair thing attached to the table, and then all the sudden when heard a crash. Prairie had started climbing the stairs without us knowing, and I think she climbed up a stair or two, and then I think she tried to sit up, and she fell down. I guess I will have to be a little more watchful with those stairs. Hopefully my dad will teach her how to go down stairs, like he did with Autumn. I am thinking that can become like a tradition.