Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thanksgiving in Vegas

Thanksgiving Dinner at Ghandi's Kitchen!

Janardan's family tradition is to go out for Indian for Thanksgiving dinner, so we all went out for Indian for dinner

Autumn having straw fights with my cousin Nick at Thanksgiving dinner

Janardan (no other description needed)

For Thanksgiving, my family (Ben, Autumn, Prairie, and me) along with Ben's sister Lindsey, my sister Jennie and her husband Janardan all went to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving in a rented Suburban. When Ben went to pick up the rental, Autumn said that she liked this car because it has a lot of space. Ben told me that she said "our car has only three seats, this car has lots of room!". So we all drove the 5.5 hour drive to Vegas to meet some of my family. My dad had a conference in Las Vegas after Thanksgiving, so he just came in early. My uncle and my cousin also met us in Vegas. We stayed in a couple of rooms at the Embassy Suites off of the strip.

So I discovered that I really dislike Vegas, or atleast the strip. It literally takes 45 minutes to drive 2 miles, when you are trying to go somewhere on the strip. The hotels are so huge, that once you park and figure our where the restuarant that you wanted to go is located in the maze of the hotel, and walk by the stinky casino it is another 20 minutes. By time we got to the restuarant, I was basically ready to just be back at my hotel and relax. When I started reading about all the hotels on the strip and how they are lavishly decorated, and just an entire experience, I started to regret that we weren't staying on the strip. Once I was on the strip and in a hotel area, I was soooo glad that we were staying off the strip. I personally really enjoyed staying at our hotel, playing video games, talking, watching movies, playing games, going swimming, and entirely avoiding the strip. My activity of choice was visiting the gardens preserve that had native desert plants, and a really neat cacti garden.

Ben and Lindsey on the other hand are obviously not Weinheimers, because they didn't mind being around crowds, but actually seemed to enjoy it. The two of them on Thanksgiving evening/night went down to the strip and just walked up and down all of Paradise Blvd looking at all of the hotels. The hotels are pretty spectacular, except for all the crowds, the smoke from the casinos etc. I would have liked touring the hotels and seeing mini paris, and mini venice, the Bellagio, the ships at the Treasure Island, but overall I think I made the right decision for me.

The new gaming system from Nintendo, the Wii

Jennie and Janardan are our game providers. They brought their brand new Nintendo Wii, Playstation 2 , and their projector to project the games onto the wall. Nintentdo Wii also will play Nintendo gamecube games, so we were not lacking in video games. Also we really enjoy playing card games with my uncle and cousin, such as Spades, one-high, hears, scum, etc. One of my favorite things of the trip was making miis on the Nintendo Wii, you can make characters that resemble people that you know, so we made them for everyone on the trip, and then when we were playing tennis, it would actually be a little person that looked like me versus a little mii that looked like Ben, it is pretty sweet.

Lindsey and Janardan playing eachother in tennis. You actually move the controller like a tennis raquet, and the controller has an accelerometer that measures how fast you swung it and it controls when your video game person hits the ball. It is a lot of fun, because it is intuitive motion, and instead of learning how to push a lot of buttons.

Autumn and Prairie just playing around in the hotel

Autumn being a good little mommy to Atticus at the hotel

Autumn thoroughly enjoyed the conjoining rooms. She insisted that we keep the connecting doors shut, and also insisted that we knock on the door, and then she would let us into her house. She loves staying at hotels, and also thought it was fun to sleep in a crib right next to Prairie's crib. She was really sad when we left vegas and the hotel, and told me she didn't want to leave the hotel.

Pictures from Ben & Lindsey's excursions:

Ben really wanted to go to the Body Exhibit, and Lindsey really wanted to go Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, so they compromised and went to both.

Lindsey and Ben (yeah you guys are nuts, choosing to spend so much time on the strip!)

Lindsey with some counrtry singer that she is in love with at Madam Tussauds Wax Musuem (obviously I'm not a big country music listener, so I don't know who it is, but I know Lindsey is going to kill me when she reads that I just put "some country singer")

Ben and Lindsey with Jack Sparrow, again at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Ben and Lindsey infront of the water display at the Venetian hotel resort

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pictures between the 15th and Thanksgiving

Autumn enjoying her birthday gifts the day after her birthday

Autumn and Prairie in their matching sweaters. Autumn insisted on them both wearing them that day.

In Ben's family we draw names for Christmas. A few years ago the Oviatts started a "used" Christmas, either you give stuff from your home, or you get stuff from thrift stores, or give homemade gifts. Last year Lisa had our family and she made these sweaters for our girls. We didn't know if Prairie was a boy or girl yet, so it is in a gender neutral color. It is getting cold enough that they can wear their sweaters, and luckily they fit really well.

Prairie in her sweater with a little bit of food on her mouth.

Autumn in her new dress up clothes, doing a tea party with her dishes

My cousin Daniel has the exact same birthday as Autumn, and last year and this year he has gotten her a present. This year his fiances picked out dress up stuff for Autumn, not knowing how perfect that was. She got a fairy skirt, a pair of fairy wings and slippers. Autumn thinks that because it is a skirt she shouldn't have to wear pants underneath it, but it is see through as you can see. She has been wearing the skirt a lot, and gets really upset when we insist that she wears pants underneath the skirt when we leave the house. Ben calls it her vegas outfit.

Jennie, Autumn and Janardan in their tent at Circuit City

Anyone that doesn't know my sister and her husband, they are big gamers, and the especially love Nintendo. Nintendo just released their new gaming system called the Wii last Sunday. Circuit City wasn't open on Sunday, so they were saling their Wiis on monday morning. Jennie and Janardan camped out on the sidewalk of circuit city Sunday night to get their Wii. We went up to visit them at their "campsite" and brought an air mattress, and more blankets. They were the 7th ones in line, so they got one of the twenty units that circuit city had.

Ben by their campspot, with all their blankets and their tent.

Autumn sick in mommy and papi's bed relaxing and playing DS

Last monday (the 20th) Autumn threw up a number of times between 4:30 and 10am. When she did finally get up that day, she just relaxed in bed for the first half of the day. The day before her aunt had let her borrow her handheld nintendo DS. Autumn really really likes borrowing or playing with her aunt and uncle's DS's.

Stay posted for pictures and descriptions of our trip to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving. I took my GRE's last tuesday (the 21st). I did about as well as I thought I would be able to do, I score almost exactly the same as I did on the SAT's. I didn't do extraordinary, but well enough to apply to the programs that I want to apply to. Now I just need to fill out my applications and write my personal statement and get all my Christmas stuff done.

One more thing, I am so excited because we got our Christmas tree yesterday and got it set up. It doesn't have decorations on it yet, but it is up with lights and this is the earliest we have ever had our Christmas tree up and I am so excited. Autumn seems to like it a lot too.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Autumn's Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday Autumn!!

Autumn's Boots the monkey (from Dora the Explorer) cake. It was chocolate cake with white chocolate frosting, it tasted really good.

Autumn's birthday celebration started on the 13th ( a day before her birthday). Autumn has been really wanting to go Ice skating. I am not much of an ice skater, so I keep telling her to get her Grandpa Tom to take her. But she has been wanting to go so badly, that we decided that we should take her for her birthday. My brother Jason plays on the BYU ice hockey team and gave us a good deal to get into the ice rink. He came with us and helped Autumn skate.

Jason and Autumn skating at the rink

The whole family skating at the ice rink. Prairie stayed in the stroller on the ice, and I really liked that because I felt a lot more stable holding onto a stroller.

Autumn with her Boots cake. We talked about for weeks what she wanted her cake to be, and this is what she wanted.

On Autumn's Birthday, November 14th, we had a family dinner of her favorite foods, fried chicken, broccoli, cauliflower and french fries. Then she got to open up all of her gifts. Then right about then two families that we are friends with that have daughters that Autumn is friends with came over. My sister, Ben's two sisters, and his one sister's roommates and friends all came over for cake and ice cream. Then Autumn and her friends all played in her dress up stuff. Their favorite time was probably sliding down the stairs all dressed up. It was a really fun night.

Autumn blowing out her three candles.

Autumn opened this present and exclaimed "it's princess shoes!". She was really excited. She got a lot of dress up clothes and accessories for her birthday from us and my mom.

Autumn in her dress up wedding dress

I made Autumn a wedding dress up dress, because she has been really into weddings and marriage because of my sister's wedding. I used scraps leftover from my dress, so that Autumn's dress looks a like my wedding dress. She also got two other dress up dresses from me that I found in my grandma's basement, that were my mom and her sister's old dance outfits.

Autumn and her two friends at her birthday celebration play ring around the rosies all dressed up in dresses and princess shoes.

Ben enjoying the dress up stuff too

Prairie all decked out in the ballerina outfit and the celebrity glasses

A blast from the past. This is a picture of Autumn at around 6 months and then a picture of Prairie around 6 months. They look pretty different.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Quote Board

Happy Prairie in green dress on Sunday.

Autumn with her creative corbata (spanish for tie).

When I went to download pictures from my camera it seems that Autumn has learned how to use my camera. I found a whole bunch of pictures of me on the phone. This is another picture she took, Prairie on the floor with her little bit of spit up that you will almost always find in front of her.

On Sunday Ben and I were in the bathroom getting ready. Autumn kept calling us and we told her to wait a minute, because I was still changing Prairie's diaper. Well when I was done I started looking for her and couldn't find her. Finally Autumn yells out that she is in our laundry, we went in our bedroom closet and this is how we found her. She has just started hiding and thinks it is a lot of fun.

Autumn standing up in the laundry bags with her laundry hair.

I was at a relief society thing a little while ago and Ben was making pizza for him and Autumn to eat for dinner. She then told Ben that she needed our cell phone to take pictures of the pizza for her blog. Another day she asked me if she could use my camera to take some for her blog.

A different day Autumn had a paper and pen out and I asked her to come do something but she told me that she was doing emails and when she was all done she could come.

Last week Autumn was having a hard time adjusting to the time change and realizing that she was so lucky that she got to sleep an hour later. She kept waking up earlier than I wanted her to get up. She would come in my room, wake me up and tell me that she wanted me to get up and play with her. I kept telling her that it was too early to get up. She was really confused because it was light outside. I told her that the sun got up to early, so we need to go lay down for a little while longer. I would could sleep on her floor for another hour. Well like on Friday, I got up and went to her bedroom, I was dozing in and out of sleep, at one point I heard her saying “darn sun”.

Ben was changing Prairie’s diaper and Prairie started making some noises, and Ben said that Prairie was talking to them, and then Autumn said “we need to teach Prairie some signs”.

This morning Autumn was looking at our wedding pictures, and was really disturbed that I shoved cake into Ben’s face. Then she asks me “what happened to daddy’s hair?” and I replied “what do you mean?” and then she pointed at the top of Ben’s head and said “its on the top of his head”.

Autumn has recently started lying a lot. We have tried having lessons about telling the truth and honesty and stuff like that. When she has done something and then she denies it, I will ask her if she is lying and she will say no, she will say it is smiles. She thinks that it is okay to lie as long as she is smiling while she does it.

My GRE study book, ugh :(

Things are going fine here. Ben is busy trying to make some deadlines with his thesis so that he will still have his assistantship in January. I will not be posting a lot in the next couple of weeks because I am trying to spend all of my free minutes preparing for the GRE’s. So don’t expect many posts until after Thanksgiving. Then once Thanksgiving is past I will be busy filling out my graduate school applications and perfecting my personal statement. But in any case I am kind of worried about the GRE’s that I am taking in 2 weeks because I do not do very well on multiple choice exams and so don’t score extremely well on standardized tests. Luckily I will probably have pretty decent recommendations and my grades are fairly good from Iowa State, so hopefully my GRE’s won’t hurt me too much.

The girls are a lot of fun. Autumn is always playing. She is an amazing self-enertainer. Prairie is such a joy. She is always so happy and loves any attention you give her and is always flashing incredibly huge smiles.