Wednesday, September 27, 2006


This morning Autumn woke up early, before I had left the house to go running. She really wanted to go with me, and I didn't want to have to wake up Ben so I could go, so I took Autumn with me. We rode on the bike to the BYU indoor track. She ran for about two-thirds of the first lap (5 laps is one mile). Then we took a walking break, then we went running for another quarter of the lap, then we walked some more. Then Autumn wanted to play on the stairs, then she wanted to do sumersaults. Then about a third the way into the third lap she said she was done so I carried her. So I didn't exactly get the exercise or work out I originally had planned but Autumn and I had a good time and Ben got to sleep in an extra hour.

After we were done "running" and going back to our bike we paseed the exercise science office which has a parrott. I went in and said hello to the parrott, and you should have seen Autumn's face when the bird said hello back. The bird's name is Henry and he said quite a few things. He climbed out of his cage so that he could be closer to me and Autumn. Autumn just laughed and laughed, she loved that the bird could talk.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Just Plain 'ol happenings

Autumn supposedly got an owie on her finger and insisted that she needed a band aid, in hoping to pacify her and to get her to bed we gave her a band aid. Then she was really concerned because it was the index finger of her left hand, and if you don’t know Autumn is an avid finger sucker of her index and middle finger of her left hand. She was really concerned about if she could suck her fingers. Ben told her not to because if the band aid got wet it would fall off. He then suggested that she suck the same two fingers on her right hand. So she put them part way in her mouth with her face screwed up, then she put them all the way in her mouth like she normally does. Then suddenly she pulled them and exclaimed “they don’t taste good”. Ben had an idea, he got the sugar bowl, and he suck them and then stick them the sugar, she liked that, but without the sugar the fingers still didn’t taste good. She ended up going to sleep just sucking on one finger from her left hand.

Prairie had her 4 month appointment today. Here are her stats:
Height: 26 in ( 9oth percentile)
Weight: 15 lbs. 3 oz. ( 66th percentile)

and her head circumference is in the 94th percentile -- so she's tall with a large head!

She can officially start eating solids. We have had a few feedings with rice cereal, cooked oatmeal, cantaloupe and peaches. She really likes the fruits. She has also officially rolled on to her tummy, which I consider an accomplishment, since she doesn’t particularly like being on her tummy, she has to really try to get there. I can’t believe that she is going to be rolling over all the time soon. Also she had her fist tooth cut through the gum. It is the bottom left tooth – pretty exciting, except for nursing, I don’t like when they get teeth.

Autumn nursing cookie and being normal ham of a personality.

Autumn walking up the stairs leading to our apartment.

Prairie playing on the floor.

Cutie Prairie, getting those long eye lashes just like her older sister.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


This summer has been a very busy summer for us, and we have had so much family visiting us this summer. We have really enjoyed all the time spent with family, but it made it difficult to camping, which Ben and I vowed we would do this summer. We figured that the longest we have gone without having anyone spend the night at our house since moving in on April 28th was two weeks straight in July. Anyway the whole point is that we haven't had a lot of opportunities for family camping.

I realized that we had one weekend in September where we weren't visiting with family, I told Ben that we were going camping. I was so excited, I went grocery shopping and got all of my favorite foods for a one night camping trip. Well the camping was suppose to be last friday. All day there were off and on showers with scattered clouds. I got really depressed becasue the next opportunity we would have would be the second weekend in october, three weeks later, which is starting to get pretty cold in the mountains. Anyway I got really down.

When Ben got home he could see that I was down, and having a difficult time and he was trying to upbeat, but finally he just let me hang out with my sister. At around 6pm, Ben had had enough of my glum mood and just said whether it was raining or not we were going camping. So we made a mad rush around the house getting everything we would need for camping for one night and trying to get ready fast enough to get our tent up before it got dark. So at 6:50 we were all loaded in the car and leaving the house. Since Ben had gotten home from campus a couple of hours earlier, a huge cloud mass had come in and settled over the entire valley, and we couldn't even see the mountains, and as soon as we got in the car a steady rain began to fall, that there seemed to be no promise of it letting up. We went to taco bell got dinner, ate in the car on the way up to the campground.

We drove up through Provo Canyon past Sundance and stayed at the first campground we found past Sundance. Ben meticiously picked out a spot in the rain, trying to find one that we could set up our tent under a tree to help keep us dry. We began setting up our tent, by time it was set up it was completely dark, we drove to the toliets, used them then all went to bed. It rained all night. Everything that wasn't on the air mattress was soaked. It was cold enough that the rain turned into snow during the night. As soon as we were all awake we threw all the wet stuff in the trunk and the dry stuff in the car, and we packed up and made breakfast back at our apartment. Ben and I felt great - we finally went camping in Utah, and even though it was raining, even though we had taco bell in the car for dinner, and didn't eat breakfast until we got back to our apartment, and everything was soaked, we had a great time going camping, and we can't wait to hopefully go again in 2 weeks when it won't be raining.

Emily, Prairie and Autumn in the tent in the morning while Ben is loading up the car.

Our tent, that might benefit from a water-proofing job.

The mountains driving back Saturday morning. It is cold enough in the mountains that the trees are beginning to change, and with the sunlight it is difficult to see, but the tips of the mountains were snow covered and it was beautiful.


Autumn in the driver's seat of the car loaded up with blankets while we wait for Ben to get the beds all set up in the tent. It was still raining very steadily, so we had the girls in the car the whole time we were setting up the tent.

Prairie on her first camping experience.

This is what Autumn and I did on the rainy Friday instead of getting everything ready for camping. This are balloon head bottles of each member of our family. From left to right it is: Emily, Prairie, Autumn, and Ben (with a half goatee, which we lament that he cannot have at BYU).

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Quotes and Pictures

Here are a few pictures from the rest of our trip to Idaho.

This is my grandpa with some of his great-grandchildren. Autumn calls my grandpa, grandpa thumb-stump because he cut off part of this thumb like 7 years ago, and he has a stumpy thumb.

Autumn really enjoyed riding around on this tricycle on the back porch at my
Grandpa's house. This is her crazy uncombed hair.

This is how Autumn plays with dolls. She is giving them tummy time, just like we do with Prairie.

A couple of quotes from Autumn:

(Autumn talking to Prairie)
"How did you get so cute, so cute like me? Look at those cute cheeks."

"Marshmallows aren't for sharing, they're for eating!"

She decided to call her grandma roast beef for a while, and yesterday she was calling Prairie asparagus.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Idaho Fun

Emily, Autumn, Grandpa Ricks and Prairie at Grandpa's assisted living home.

I am up in Idaho this week with both of my girls and with my Mom. We are up here to spend some time with my Grandpa who lives in an assisted living place and to spend some time sewing and seeing family.
My cousin Melanie's son, Oliver, at the splash park.

Oliver and Autumn trying to get out of the slide to avoid a big splash from an older kid coming down the slide.

My cousin has a son that is just a couple of months younger than Autumn, so we really enjoy getting together. We took them to Rexburg’s new splash park. It doesn’t have any depth like a pool, but it is a playground that sprays water down the slides and has water spraying all different directions.

Autumn waring a mexican wrestling mask. If you look closely you can see her eye through the nose hole.

Autumn is having a lot of fun playing with different toys and making new “friends”. There is a large cookie monster stuffed animal that has been the focus of her attention. There is her imaginary friend Ammon. Ammon seems to be getting in trouble a lot, Autumn is telling me that he has time outs quite a bit. Right now she is dressed in her pajamas, with a jacket over it, and flip flops on. She is stting on the stoop of my grandparents back door and watching the sprinkling of rain. Of course she isn’t alone Cookie and Ammon are with her. The way that the house is set up it is really nice that she can be outside and I can be at the computer watching her. With her jacket on this morning she told me she had a baby like me. She had stuffed the baby under her jacket, and had a big tummy and was pretending to be pregnant.

Autumn mimicking Mom and exercising on the Cardioglide.

The other day when my mom got up from the table Autumn in a very innocent way said “Grandma you have a big bum.” Ben and I tried not to laugh, but what can you do when your child say something like that, than just laugh. The other day we were walking home from the park and we walked by a water park. There was a woman and a man walking back to the car. The woman was very much an apple shape. She had skinny legs and was hefty on top. Well Autumn told me that she had a big tummy and that she was going to have baby soon, and I am pretty sure she wasn’t pregnant. I think the lady was far enough away that she didn’t hear Autumn.


Prairie has really started grabbing. If there is something in front of her face she is grabbing it. She can hold toys now and will shake them, and seems to get a little bored sometimes if she doesn’t have toys to play with. She also recently has really enjoyed playing on the floor. Autumn pretty much since she was born was a floor baby. She loved being on the floor and being independent. Up until now Prairie loves being held, but just in the last couple of days she will start to get really squirmy when you are holding for a while, and she wants to be on the floor. She can roll over occasionally from stomach to back, but hasn’t gone the other direction yet, but that doesn’t stop her from moving her body. She can move her body more than 180 degrees from her original position. I think we might have an early scooter. She can already push herself a little bit on her back with her feet. It seems like Prairie is all the sudden out of the infant stage and is getting so much fun to play with. She responds with smiles and giggles. She can grab toys and loves it when her parents or older sister interact with her.

Autumn continues to amaze me at what a great older sister she is. She is so helpful to me. This is Autumn playing with Prairie. She is playing peek-a-boo with a blanket. We played the same game with Autumn when she was this age. Prairie loves it, especially when it is her older sister playing with her.

Grandma Mary Anne holding Prairie at the splash park while the kids play in the water.

Prairie zonked out in her Grandma's lap.

My Grandpa Ricks would always make shaped pancakes for the grandkids for breakfast. Son in the fine tradition of her father, my mom made pancakes for her granddaughter. Autumn requested a mickey mouse with the whole body.

Autumn also chose out the pancake I should have. She said a "Y", but once my mom started cooking she insisted that I needed a "B" and a "U". I am assuming that she thought I needed all of them because of my t-shirt.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Second Haircut

I doubt that this trend will continue that I blog about every haircut that Autumn has, but since she has only had 2 in almost three years it doesn’t seem overboard yet. I am excited to announce that all of her hair is finally the same length. She has a very cute little bob. The more I see it the more I like it, and I liked it in the first place. Anyway here are some pictures of her haircut.

I took almost three inches off the hair at the back of her neck.

Monday, September 04, 2006


This morning when I went in to check on the girls Autumn had her Sponge Bob Squarpants pillow (compliments of her Aunt Laura) over her face. When she woke up she told me that she had put it on her head so that the sun couldn't see her sleeping.

(Also I posted a couple of pictures of me and Prairie hiking the Y thanks to David)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

View from the "Y"

This is the view of Utah Valley from the Y.

While Ben's sister, Lindsey, was in town we thought it would be fun to go hike the Y. So this morning we all got up early so that we wouldn't have to hike with the sun beating down us. So it was Ben, Autumn, Prairie, Lindsey, Ben's sister Laura, her fiance David and me.

A weird dog in the parking lot that would not leave Laura's side. We thought it was really weird until the owner showed up and she was wearing almost exactly the same pants as Laura.

From left to right at the tippety top of the Y, Laura, David, Lindsey, Ben and Autumn the the backpack. The guy in the black shirt in the front was not part of the group, just in the way for the picture.

Since we moved we live pretty close to the trailhead for the Y trail. This is the view of our house from the Y.

Here is Autumn standing on the Y.

Here is Autumn with her future Uncle David on the way down back to the cars.

This is me multi-tasking while hiking down the trail with Prairie.

Emily and Prairie in her front carrier.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Lots o Pics

Ben's little sister Lindsey had a break between semesters at BYU- Idaho and came down to Provo to visit all of her family. We have had a lot of fun having her here. We have been doing a lot of fun stuff because she is here, like hiking, swimming, playing games and just relaxing watching movies.

Autumn finding creative ways to keep Prairie's pacifier in her mouth.

Autumn really loves her grandparents a lot. She said that she was like Grandmother Isis because her grandmother uses a cane, and Autumn was pretending the cutting boards are canes.

Prairie is really developing. She is really getting the whole hand- eye coordination down. She really likes grabbing at toys now. When she is in her bouncy seat she reaches up and moves the mobile stars around.

On Tuesday we drove up American Fork canyon and went hiking near silver lake in the Uinta National forest. We had to drive up a pretty steep gravel switchback road to get there, and our car overheated. Luckily it was right next to the only stream on the whole way up. So Ben and Lindsey just kept pouring water over the engine until it cooled down and filled up the radiator with water. We made it up and had a beautiful view.

This is Aunt Lindsey and Autumn in front of Silver Lake.

Mommy and Prairie relaxing on the couch after a hard day of hiking. As you can see Prairie got a little sunburned on her face, arms and legs.

Autumn and Prairie in their pajamas all ready to go to bed. We have them on the same bed time now which is so nice. Prairie is our growing baby. Ben had to take her to the doctors office and she weighed in at 14.5 lbs, I checked and that is what Autumn weighed at about 8 months.

Mommy and Autumn spending some quality time together before bedtime. Autumn has been really wanting to spend some time with me this last week, so we have been doing some activities just the two of us. We went to the library together and picked out new books for Autumn and spent some time in the library reading the new books. Then last night we went to the BYU creamery and got a kids meal split it and had a really good time. Then at night I have been telling her stories and laying next to her. Last night when I went in to lay Prairie down she asked me to lay next to her, so I did. When I laid down she said " Mommy you are so cute and you are nice."

This is Prairie in her bumbo seat and Autumn's pretend baby Vaughn (the honey container) in its own bumbo seat complimentary of Autumn, she is very creative and has quite an imagination.