Monday, July 31, 2006

The Stats

Prairie finally had her 2 month checkup yesterday. I was a little late in scheduling it, so she is almost 3 months, but oh well. The doctor said that she is growing really well, and that we just need to keep up tummy time with her so that she strengthens her back and neck muscles, and also doesn't get a flat head. Here are her stats:

weight : 12 lbs 1 oz. -- 50th percentile
head : 41.4 cm -- 90th percentile
height : 24.5 inches -- 95th percentile

So she is very tall, but still pretty skinny, especially for her height. Autumn didn't weigh 12 lbs until she was 6 months old, so Prairie is bigger than Autumn at this age. I just looked up Autumn's info, and Prairie's weight and height are almost exactly the same as Autumn's at 6 months, which seems right because Prairie is very skinny still, she is just sooo tall.

Prairie is definitely out of that newborn stage, I can't believe that it goes so quickly. She looks like a baby to me now, not a newborn. She is giggling, smiling and cooing. Autumn and Prairie and getting on the same schedule for going to bed and getting up which is amazing!

This is the girls getting ready for bed, Autumn can't wait for Prairie to be old enough to sleep in her bed.

Prairie is a lot more snuggly than Autumn was, and Ben tries to take full advantage of that. You would never see Autumn like this at that age wide awake, just snuggling.

This is what Autumn's haif looks like after a nap becasue she gets so sweaty because she insists on using so many blankets!

Autumn hugging on her mommy.

Autumn playing in the kiddie pool in the backyard.

We all went swimming on Saturday at Aunt Laura's pool. I even got Prairie all dressed up for the occasion, but she slept the entire time, so Prairie still hasn't gone swimming, but she looks really cute in the swimsuit that I made for Autumn at 9 months.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pictures for Last Blog

I tried atleast 6 times last time I posted to upload this pictures, but they would never appear in the blog, so now you get them.

Prairie has started giggling and it is so cute! This is Prairie laughing at Ben singing, she was loving it so much.

This is Autumn turning our loveseat into a trampoline, one of her favorite activities.

This is Prairie finding those fingers. I am a big advocate of finger sucking, atleast right now, maybe not so much in those teenage years when I am shelling out thousands for braces, but maybe that is worth a good nights rest :)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Funny Little Things

When Autumn wants a lot of something, or there is a lot of people she uses the number 5. In her mind there 5 is a huge number, so I will ask how many candies she wants and she will get this excited look and say 5, almost like she can’t imagine that there is more than that.

Autumn likes to pretend she has cats or dogs. Anything that has a long “tail” like a leash she calls a dog or cat. She has used my bobbins, with a string hanging off, our camebak, a drawstring bag for a game, embroidery thread, floss containers, basically anything can be her doggie.

Autumn really wanted cereal the other day, but we were out of milk, so I gave her dry cereal, but she wasn’t happy with that, she really wanted milk on it. Shortly after that I finished pumping some milk for Prairie and put it in the fridge. Autumn then told me that she wanted the special milk on her cereal.

Because of where our front door is, and where the backyard is located it is a big production to take both of the girls to the backyard. Ben has been taking care of them a little more recently so I have opportunities to go do other things. Well one day he had Autumn and Prairie in the backyard, Autumn was playing in the kiddie pool and Ben was doing yard work. Autumn had to go to the bathroom, so he told her just to sit in the grass and go, she thought that was so much fun, that she kept telling Ben that she had to go pee so that she could do that – she tried it with mommy, but mommy took her back inside to use the toilet.

Autumn is getting it be like her dad, she likes a lot of blankets to sleep with, and she is very specific about their locations on her bed. I told her that she can’t have so many on top of her because she will get sweaty. So she wants the cow blanket on one side, the oscar blanket on the other side, the new blanket on the wall, her big blanket and big bird blanket on her, and the frog blanket above her head. I don’t know how she sleeps all night with all of those blankets all over her with this 100 degree weather, but she does.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Reoccurring nightmares

Ben snuggling with his daughters.

Three months ago when I was packing up our apartment to move, I had rented the recent Phantom of the Opera movie. I was watching it while I packed boxes. I didn’t really think anything about it. Autumn was doing other stuff, and then she wanted to watch the movie with me. We were both watching it, and I realized it was a lot scarier than I remembered. In any case I turned it off and took her to the park, because I realized it was kind of scary for a two and half year old to be watching.

In any case she has had an obsession with Phantom since then. In the last two weeks she had a reoccurring nightmare of phantom. She had the nightmare three nights, she would wake up screaming, and wouldn’t want us to hold her or touch her, and she would be swinging her arms around. The second time it happened she was able to tell Ben what happened in the dream. She told him that Phantom came and was cutting her fingers with scissors and then she would run away – pretty scary for a little kid. Anyway the third night I could not get her to calm down, nothing was working, finally I woke up Ben and asked her to give her a blessing. She started to calm down once we said the prayer before the blessing, and then she really calmed down once Ben gave her the blessing. She hasn’t had the nightmare since Ben gave her the blessing.

So the really cute part is that she has been giving her baby and this big plastic bank that looks like a little girl blessings. She puts her hands on their hands and says a prayer, and tells them that angels will protect them, just like she was told in her blessing.

She is still talking about Phantom quite a bit though. After all of this happened, we got home one night when it was dark, and Autumn thought she saw Phantom in someone’s car, and freaked out. She started screaming and crying and wanted me to carry her inside and just hold her. She was really scared. Yesterday afternoon when she got up from her nap, she got scared and told me that Phantom was in our house, and she was really scared. We tell her that Phantom isn’t allowed in our house, but she still gets scared. I keep hoping she will grow out of it.

This is Autumn's plastic bank in the bouncy seat. Autumn will pretend that almost anything is a baby, even an empty gronola bar box (like she is right now).

Laura (Ben's sister) and her fiancé David were good enough to babysit both of our girls for us so that we could go see the new Pirates movie (not that great in my opinion).

Aunt Laura holding Prairie while she sleeps.

Autumn holding Prairie's hand in our rocking chair. This was special because Autumn doesn't seem to like me taking pictures with my new camera, and she requested that I take pictures of her and Prairie, so I did.

Prairie hanging out in her carseat

Monday, July 17, 2006

Good News

More real smiles from Prairie

I can confidently say that Prairie is sleeping through the night. I give her her last feeding between 9 and 10 pm and then she gets up between 7:30 and 9:30 am. She has been doing this without assistance for about 2 weeks, and about a week and half before that I would have to help sleep that long, or wait that long for food, but now she is sleeping that long. That is great news for me, because it is more possible for me to get enough sleep and to exercise in the morning before Ben has to get campus. It feels like our family is getting into a routine and it is so nice.

Me and my girls

We had the Weinheimer Family reunion a week and a half ago and had a really good time. It was at a cabin in Big Cottonwood Canyon near Salt Lake City. The surrounding area was beautiful. It was really close to the ski resort Solitude for those of you that know Utah. Autumn had such a good time, just yesterday she said she wanted to go to the Cabin again. It was fun to see Autumn play with all of my cousins that are so much younger than me, so I haven’t ever gotten to know them that well, but Autumn was playing with them. Autumn’s baba Russ was here for a week and we all enjoyed it.

Ben with Prairie in the front carrier

My other good news is that I got a digital camera last week from money I had been saving up since my birthday in January. I am really excited about it, and the good news for all of you reading this is that I will have much higher quality pictures to post on my blog now, and possibly more pictures too. I am really excited about the digital camera, and I am really excited about my specific camera and all the different functions it has.

Autumn snuggling with Prairie on the couch this morning

Autumn is doing really, she is a great big sister and really a good helper to me. She wants to snuggle with Prairie, hold her, help feed her. She says things almost everyday that makes us laugh so hard. She has been playing nursery with me. She is “mommy” and I am “lilly”. It is really funny to see her impersonate me. We will pretend to go somewhere in a car and I am all buckled in. I will want to get out and she will get this look on her face and say “not now honey, you don’t be scared, I be right back”. Autumn and I have been having a lot of fun playing together. I can’t imagine how cute it is going to be see Autumn playing with Prairie when she is a little older.

Prairie lounging in her bouncy chair

Autumn in her bed with Prairie. She tried to convince me that Prairie was sleeping in her bed that night.

Autumn assisting Ben doing bike repairs in our backyard

Autumn doing repairs on her car with the tools

Autumn Sunday morning

Emily, Autumn and Prairie all color coordinated for church on Sunday. When Prairie and I put our matching skirts on Autumn kept asking where hers was, she told me that her and daddy needed one too.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Blessing Pictures and misc

Here are a couple of pictures from the blessing grill-out last Sunday.

Our friend Katie holding Prairie in her blessing dress

Autumn at the grill-out enjoying all the people

Aunt Jennie enjoying some time holding Prairie
where Autumn isn't saying "you can't hold our baby"

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Busy Week

Real smiles from Prairie

We blessed Prairie last Sunday the 25th of June. We had a lot of family come to the blessing, and then we were really grateful for our larger apartment because we had a dinner at our apartment afterwards and we had 27 people there.

Autumn picking out her own clothes

We are also grateful for the larger apartment because we were able to accomodate Ben's parents and sister as they were taking his youngest sister out to BYU-Idaho to start school, and also have room for my sister's boyfriend, who she is now engaged to , and getting married in August! So we had a full house last week, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Prairie cooing at her Aunt Lindsey

We decided on the spur of the moment to come up to Idaho with the Oviatts. My grandpa's house is still completely furnished, but is unlived in because he lives in an assisted living place. So we all stayed in Rexburg at my Grandpa's house and enjoyed a couple more days with Ben's family before they went back to Iowa. But we know that they will be back in Utah for Ben's sister's wedding. She also just recently got engaged and we are really excited for her.

Lindsey and Emily at Lindsey's new apartment

We celebrated Ben's birthday up here in Idaho. Ben said that all he wanted to do for his birthday was watch Argentina play in the world cup. He got out of bed about 2 minutes before the match started. I think Ben should have been more specific with his birthday wish, because he got to watch them play, but he watched them lose, which was pretty disappointing.

Autumn eating her lunchable with the babies

Autumn has had such a wonderful time with her grandparents. I know she is going to have withdrawls when she doesn't have grandparents around any more.

Poopa feeding Prairie a bottle