Saturday, June 24, 2006

The World Cup

Today Argentina played Mexico in the World Cup. Our family got all dressed up for the event. Ben, Autumn, and Prairie all wore their matching Argentine soccer jerseys and I wore Ben’s Argentine Rugby shirt which looks similar to the soccer jerseys. We went to the grocery store right before the game. We had a number of Latin people talk to us because of our jerseys, Ben loved it.

When we were loading the groceries into the trunk, Ben dropped our watermelon and yelled “stink” when he dropped it. Autumn was really upset about what happened and wanted to see the watermelon on the ground, but she was already in her carseat. On the way home she asked why daddy had said stink. We reminded her that daddy dropped the watermelon. Then she said “don’t say stink, the watermelon no poopies, its yummy, say shoot”. Ben and I just started laughing really hard. She is saying more and more things like that all the time.

When we got home we began watching the Argentine – Mexico match. We don’t ever watch television, we watch movies a decent amount but not tv. She got really excited when she say the soccer players wearing “tina” (Argentina) shirts. She came over to the kitchen and said “Mommy come see tina shirts”. We went over to the tv and she says to Ben, “Daddy stop the movie, mommy wants to see the tina shirts”. We started laughing again because she only watches movies, she doesn’t understand how television works. We tried to tell her it wasn’t a movie and that it didn’t stop, but she insisted that it was a movie.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Back to Biking

The last month has gone by really quick. For Memorial Day weekend we drove back to Iowa for Ben's little sister, Lindsey's graduation. Both girls did really well in the car. On the way there we drove through the night. I liked that quite a bit because I slept most of the night along with the girls, so the drive went by really quickly for me.

Prairie is now 6 weeks old. My midwife told me that she didn't want me to be biking after 30 weeks of pregnancy so I stopped once I was 30 weeks, which was the beginning of February. I decided I should give myself the 6 weeks to heal up really good before I start biking again. So I took my bike into the shop last week, got a tune up on it so it would be all ready to start biking again. I also had to buy a new bikeseat for Autumn to sit in. While our trailer is a two seater, when you have a baby in a carseat, it takes up both seats. So now I have a bikeseat for Autumn that is mounted on my bike, so I can bike with both of my girls.

I researched bike seats quite a bit online and discovered this new kind of child bike seat where it mounts on the front of your bike so as not to throw off the center of gravity on your bike. I was somewhat leery about it because I thought my knees would run into it etc, but we decided to try it out. Ben and I are both completely sold on this type of child bike seat. It is so much fun. It is so interactive with Autumn. She talks to us, and points out things she sees and all kinds of things. I absolutely love it. Ben doesn't always like biking but since we got the new bikeseat, it is like his favorite way to spend time with Autumn.

So for family home evening on Monday night after our lesson, Ben helped me get the child bike seat all set up on my bike. I took out the whole setup on Wednesday and we bike over to my sister's apartment to make cookies. It was the first time I had really biked since February. I biked 3 miles in the morning to go to the gym, and 4 miles in the evening to go to my sister's house. Anyway needless to say yesterday I was pretty sore, and biking to the gym in the morning, downhill was still uncomfortable because of all the biking I did the day before. I know it will be a lot better in a couple of days. Anyway here our some pictures of the whole setup.