Saturday, April 29, 2006

Moving Complete!

So we got everything moved into our new apartment, and with the help of some friends this morning finished all the cleaning on the old apartment. I have my computer set up, Autumn’s bed made and room basically set up, our bedroom is basically set up too. I would feel fine if this baby came now, even though the house is not pristine.

Autumn did really great through the whole move. As you can see from the pictures she enjoyed helping me out. She really liked climbing in these boxes. She also collected a lot of “treasures” while I was packing, sorting, etc. and then would be distraught when they were “missing” after her nap.

The thing I am probably most excited about in the new apartment is my laundry room. This is the first time in my married life that I have had a set of washer and dryer in my apartment, with my very own laundry room. It is right in time too with the new baby and all the cloth diapers I will be washing.

I think Autumn’s favorite aspect of the new apartment is the stairs that go nowhere. We live in a house converted into two apartments, the basement, and the main floor. We have a majority of the stairs in our apartment with a wall at the top. This morning while I was setting up the computer Autumn took all of her “friends” (her sesame street and Robin Hood stuffed animals) set them up on the stairs and was playing nursery. She was having so much fun, and we also have a long hallway that she has enjoyed running back and forth in. We are so excited about our new place!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Moving Week

This week has been really crazy because we are moving tomorrow (Friday the 28th), Ben has had his finals, and it is my 40th week of pregnancy. I would not recommend moving with those two things. Ben is kind of a last minute person so he has weekly assignments that for 5 weeks for two classes he has been making up this week, and a major semester long project he is trying to get done in less than 2 weeks. All of his stuff is due by midnight tonight. Then tomorrow we move all of our stuff into our apartment, Saturday we clean, and then Monday is the start of Ben’s new semester. And who knows when the baby will come. As long as I get all of our stuff over into the new apartment I am ready for the baby to come.

Autumn has been pretty good natured for everything that is going on. She got really excited when I told her last night that I would need her help cleaning the walls. Right now she is just playing in her red car singing to herself.

Autumn used to hate getting her hair washed but has just recently went from screaming matches to where she is giggling and very pleasant during the whole ordeal. Since we don’t have a tub I have her lay down at the counter and I wash her hair in the kitchen sink. This is a picture of her crazy hair.

While I have been packing, going through, pulling out all kinds of stuff I found this knitted hat we had. Autumn then found it in one of my many piles, pulled it on her head and said she was Santa. The other day she was helping me go across the street to do laundry. She was my special helper in that she was carrying the dryer sheet. She was being silly, put it across her face and said that she was the Phantom (from Phantom in the Opera). She is getting really creative, and helps me stay a little less stressed this week.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Let the Swimming Begin

Autumn and I went swimming outside yesterday for the first time this year. I am really excited about taking her swimming this summer. I made her a new swimsuit because my sister was making fun of her other one because she had a perpetual wedgie with it. Now she has a swimsuit that fits her appropriately and I made her doll a matching swimsuit. I wore one of my regular swimsuits and I think I might have permanately stretched it out, oh well, then I guess it will definitely still be okay once the baby is born. We went swimming with Autumn's Aunt Laura, her boyfriend David, and Laura's roommate Katie. Katie bought the alligator and a whole bunch of stuff from walmart for the pool. Autumn had so much fun.
Then today while Ben and I went to my final childbirth class she went to her Aunt Jennie's apartment and got to go swimming there. She is going to think this is a daily event, until the baby is born and we don't go for 6 weeks. Anyway that is the life of Autumn - SWIMMING!

Friday, April 21, 2006

9 Days and Counting

I realized that I haven't posted any maternity pictures of me. I decided with my due date in 9 days (April 30th) I should probably do that before it is too late. Every indication is so far that I am not going to go early, but things could always change. I am kind of hoping for a May 4th birthday for this baby. We are moving on the 28th of April, so that would give me a couple of days to get things arranged at our apartment and then have the baby. I think if I go later than that I will start to get a little sad. We are really excited about having the baby, seeing Autumn interact with the baby, getting the to hold it and find out if we will have another little girl or a little boy. I think Ben also would like the baby to come today so that he could put off finishing all of his projects for this semester. I would rather him get them done first and then we have the baby, it looks like I might win out on this one.

It is interesting that with Autumn everyone thought I was about to pop at 7 months, and couldn't believe that I still had 2 months to go. People seem to think differently this time. The reaction I almost always get when I tell them I am due on the 30th is that I am not nearly big enough to be due that soon. I don't feel like I am a lot smaller, but that seems to be the public opnion. In any case I just hope the baby is healthy and a good size.

Last night we had Ben's end of the year MFT (Marriage and Family Therapy) Department dinner. They had it at the Marriott Hotel in Provo. Recently one of the professors from the department married Elder Russell M. Nelson, so Dr. Wendy Watson Nelson attended with her husband Russell M. Nelson. Ben was pretty excited about having one of the major general authorities at such a small function. Dr. Wendy Watson was very polite and took her husband around to every table so that everyone could meet him.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

April so far

I haven’t been keeping up the blog very well the past three weeks. I have been very busy trying to get all of my projects done before the baby comes. Autumn has been as cute as ever, but I just haven’t been documenting it. Here are a couple of pictures from the last couple of weeks. This first one is from this morning. We were doing pretend grumpy faces. Autumn then said “where’s my grumpy face?” I said to her that I didn’t know, and then she said “on my eyebrow!”

Autumn has also been enjoying ice cream cones quite a bit lately, but she is restricted to her high chair to eat them because she is so messy!

Autumn has also been helping cook a lot in the kitchen. She really likes to pull up a chair and help Mommy or Daddy cook. She is pretty adamant about doing things herself, and doesn’t want help, like with the beaters last night; she did not want me touching them while she was mixing. This is Autumn and Ben cooking breakfast burritos and dancing to music while they are cooking.

Autumn really likes to pick out her clothes now. Luckily I fold matching clothes together, so she doesn’t look too scary, but almost every morning now after she goes potty she says that she will get her clothes. This is Autumn with the craziest pig tails. We aren’t sure how they stood up so high, I think it was her nap that helped them stand up so high. This is her playing with one of her balls, which she really enjoys doing.

So I have been really busy. We are really excited to announce that we are definitely moving to a 3 bedroom apartment one week from tomorrow (the 28th of April). We are so excited, we will have more space, we will actually have some storage space and Autumn can actually have her own bedroom. We will actually have space to have a couch, a loveseat and a kitchen table. We also have washer/dryer hookups in a small laundry room. I keep saying laundry room over and over to myself and get so excited. This will be so nice with the new baby coming since we do cloth diapers. It will be so nice to have something in our apartment. Anyway I am now busy getting our apartment all ready to move, also worrying that I could go into labor at any moment now. I really hope that we can just move into our new apartment first and then I can have the baby. I will have to do a blog here in a couple of days of all the projects I have made for the new baby. We are so excited about this baby coming!