Monday, March 27, 2006

The Happenings of March

Autumn lining up her "friends" with size appropriate balls
We have had a really fun two weeks. A week ago Grandpa Weinheimer came to visit us. Autumn, Grandpa and I went to the children’s museum in Salt Lake City. I was wondering if Autumn would be old enough to enjoy the exhibits, but I soon found that my attention span was not long enough. Autumn especially loved the grocery store and bakery display. They had kid-sized carts, and she kept loading hers up with play food.

On Saturday (March 25th) Autumn, Ben and I were all just playing around in bed Saturday morning, enjoying relaxation of having no commitments. Then all the sudden Autumn got a really grumpy looking face. Ben and I proceeded to ask her if she was mad, and she said yes. We asked her why she was mad, and she finally said that she wanted to see Laura. Since we had nothing going on we told her that we could go see Laura (Ben’s little sister). We got up, Ben and Autumn mixed up pancake batter and then we went to Laura’s apartment, had Autumn wake up Laura and made Laura and her roommates chocolate-chip pancakes for breakfast.

One of Laura’s roommates, Katie, spoils Autumn almost more than any of her relatives. Katie had bought Autumn a new summer outfit complete with matching flip flops. She had also picked up some $1 kites and wanted to take Autumn kite-flying. So we all went to a park close by and flew the kites. Autumn absolutely loved it. She would help throw the kites up in the air, and then once they were staying up, we would let her hold the handle with the string. She just ran and ran in the field when she was holding on to the kite. It was such a great way to spend our Saturday morning.
In the last couple of weeks Ben has really gotten in to taking Autumn to the duck pond on the BYU campus that is less than 2 blocks away from us. When I got home from the temple this morning they had gone to the duck pond to feed the ducks some of our old bread. Ben let Autumn bring her baby stroller today with her baby. Autumn got to see some turtles in the pond and was really excited about that. Anyway, that is a synopsis of what has been going on in the life of Autumn the last couple of weeks.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Empanada Night

We had our first empanda night last night for family home evening. We had a friend (Sean) in from Iowa that also served his mission in Argentina like Ben, and we have a friend (Yvette) from Iowa that lives here in Provo that served her mission in Equador, so we all made empanadas together to relive the food that they ate on their mission. It was a lot of fun, and it tasted soooo good!

Autumn really wanted to help also. She helped pinched down some of the sides of the empanadas, but I only took a picture of that on our film camera, so no pictures of Autumn helping. Also she knew it was Family Home Evening, and Ben was playing Latin music. When he was changing one of the CD's, Autumn said no more of that, and she made it clear that she wanted to listen to her Primary Songs CD's because it was family home evening. Finally Ben relented and she got to listen to Popcorn popping and other delightful little songs.

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Little Mommy

Autumn in the last week has really gotten into playing with her baby. She has been taking the baby with her everywhere, she wants to make sure that the baby is buckled up in the car. She want her baby to go night-night when she does and she wants the baby to wear clothes during the day and pajamas at night. She will also hold the baby and bounce up and down to quiet the baby down. She has been so mothering to her baby. The other morning I found her by the front door (right before I took this picture) with baby propped in the corner and Autumn was in the opposite corner. I heard saying "okay sweetie" and then she was pushing the basketball to baby and telling baby to push the basketball back. It was really cute to see her talking to her baby and playing with her baby.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Adventure of Ben O

The Saturday while I was in Idaho, Ben went on his own adventure. One of the guys from his program, Chad, invited him to go snow shoeing. Ben had never gone and was really excited about the prospect of going. They decided the week I was gone would be a good time to go. Chad had enough gear to lend to Ben. Ben had a really good time, except for accidently sliding down part of the mountain, and the only way he was able to stop was wrapping his legs around a tree. He said it was really scary, but except for that it was a great experience. I think Ben was also wishing that he was in better shape after the whole thing, because he was pretty sore. Even with the copious amounts of sunblock that Ben applied to his face he still came out sunburned.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Big Cut

Autumn FINALLY had her first hair cut on Tuesday the 28th of February at the grand age of 27.5 months. Ben really wants her to have long hair, and so he has been very anti me cutting or trimming her hair at all. I have been slowly working on him for about 5 months, and he finally gave his okay last week. I told him I would only have to take one inch off the back to help even out all her hair. When it was all said and done I actually took off 3 inches on the back. I am delighted with her haircut, I thought she was looking pretty scraggly and I am not embarrassed by her hair now. I am also happy to report that Ben really likes the haircut and thinks she looks very cute. I only hope that Autumn hasn’t learned that scissors are for hair. I want her to keep her scissors on paper and that is it.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Autumn Pictures

Autumn and her baby with their matching Elmo pajamas. This was the day she really seemed to get that they had matching pajamas and was really excited about it. Her baby has been vascillating names from Isaac, Nathan, right now she is calling her baby Hannah.

This is Autumn helping Grandma sew up in Idaho - Autumn is a very attentive helper. When I am sewing she will stand next to the machine and hand me straight pins, or put them away for me depending on what I am doing.

Autumn playing an Elmo keyboard game online at the Sesame Street website. Autumn really likes this game, but it uses flash so it takes a long time to load up on our dial-up connection.