Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Week in Idaho

Autumn and I spent all of last week in Idaho with my mom at my Grandpa's house. We had late nights of sewing. I have been working on the baby quilts for the new baby, which will be a Mickey Mouse and Friends theme. I also made matching pajamas for Autumn, the new baby and for Autumn's doll. That is what all of them will wear the first night the baby is home from the hospital. I really enjoyed my time and got a lot done.

Autumn seemed to really enjoy the extra space. She would run around in circles sometimes. She kept herself very amused most of the time. Her new game was nursery. She would take the baby dolls, a stuffed dog, and cookie monster to nursery. She found carpet squares and used those for story time, they played ring-around-the-rosies. She also tried to get Cookie Monster to run, but was frustrated when he would jused fall down when she let go. She would also take the different participants to the potty to make sure they stayed dry. Sometimes she would pretend to be the parents, she would drop them off, and say see you later and shut the door and leave them in the sewing room. Other times she would be the teacher. Another new thing for her was getting to use Grandma's camera. She already pretends that her headbands are cameras, and will go "click, click" and then turn her headband around and go "very cute mommy". So this is a picture that she took of me using my Mom's camera, and she kept on insisting that I put my hands on the wall.

The reason my Mom was in Idaho was to visit my Grandpa who has alzheimers and is living in an assisted living home. It is difficult to carry on a conversation with him, but he really seemed to enjoy having Autumn to come visit him. They would play ball together. Autumn got a little rowdy one night and was running all around the front room of the home. Grandpa tried to throw her the ball but it hit another man sitting on a couch. The man seemed really surprised and started complaining to the workers, though not really able to articulate what happened. Next time my Grandpa got the ball he threw it at the man again. My mom and I were laughing so hard, but trying not to show it. We began to wonder if Grandpa is more there than we think sometimes.