Sunday, September 28, 2014

Wasatch Fall Festival

The kids elementary school had a fall festival and part of it they have a 2liter soda bottle decorating competition.  Of course all of them wanted to participate.

They told me what they wanted to make so I got soda bottles to coordinate.

Here was our setup while we were working.  Autumn and Prairie did there's all on their own.  After Prairie finished I was still helping Zephyr, so she got up and made dinner.  It was soooo helpful!

Zephyr wanted to make the police dog from paw patrol.  I drew the shapes on construction paper and he did all the cutting.

Autumn made a chicken.

Prairie made a Christmas tree.

All the kids soda bottles.

I got a call from the school that Zephyr had won first place for kindergarten.  He was so thrilled.

Zephyr was able to win Prairie's soda bottle back at the fall festival.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

1 mile race

I really didn't feel up to taking the kids to this race, but Ben knew how important it was to Autumn so he said he could make sure he was gone early enough to help.

This is the 5th year autumn has done this race, prairie's 3rd year and zephyr's 1st year.

They all worked really hard.  It actually doesn't have a kindergarten category so zephyr ran with the first graders.  He worked really hard.

Autumn in the 4 previous years has ranked between 12th to 20th place.  She has really wanted to get in the top 10 so that she could get a ribbon.  This year she did it, she was the 7th fifty grade girl to get in.  Autumn also brought a friend and she scored 8th place.

Then we all got frostys from Wendys.  It was a good evening.

Monday, September 22, 2014

2 months old

Carma is 2 months old!

She has been going all night without feeding for a few weeks.  She still starts to get unsettled around 5am but we just keep giving her her pacifier until 7am, and she settles right back down with her pacifier.  Now if I can just get her to not stir until 7am.

We have also figured out that she likes background noise and not white noise.  She sleeps better during the day if we just leave her where everyone is.  If everyone leaves the room she is sleeping in a lot of times she will wake up and start crying.

If I have to go to the school I just transfer her to her stroller and she keeps sleeping.  It kind of reminds me of how autumn was about her sleep when she was a baby.

She smiles and coos at us.  She has laughed just a couple of times.

She is a pretty relaxed baby.  When she wakes we feed her, then she is awake and happy for a while.  Then when she starts to get fussy we swaddle her up and give her a pacifier and then she goes to sleep.

Once we started bottle feeding her she got a lot more relaxed.  She just was having a hard time getting enough breast feeding.  I am able to pump enough breast milk for her, she just gets it through a bottle.

We all love having her around.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Free donuts

We found out that yesterday was talk like a pirate day, and if you dressed up as a pirate you got a dozen donuts for free.  Me and zephyr put together a pirate costume for him.

Then Prairie heard what we were doing and decided to out together her own costume.

Then we picked up Autumn and Ben and all drove to Krispy Kremes.  We found out that the line was taking about 2+ hours and the drive through was a little over an hour do we called Ben ( he was looking for a parking spot) and he got in the drive thru.

Here is the standing line.

Here is zephyr sword fighting with other kids in line.

After a whole we joined Ben and Carma in the van.  It took Ben 1 hour and 14 mins in the drive thru.  While we were waiting Autumn put together enough pirate things to get a dozen free donuts.

We were all so hungry!  The warm donuts tasted sooo good!  Then we shared the bounty with some of our friends.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

September update

Here is Carma with a big headband.  My grandma gave me the outfit for her.

Here is how Carma spent her first BYU football game.

Sleeping in her crib ( which she rarely does, she usually sleeps in her bouncy seat or bassinet)

My neighbor asked me to come over and sit with her 2 sleeping kids while she went to the school.  Carma got to try out a baby swing.

Zephyr helping me slice up tomatoes to dehydrate.

Carma sleeping in her stroller.  She usually falls asleep right before zephyr goes to kindergarten .  She sleeps really well so I just transfer her to the stroller.

Zephyr being a zombie.  He makes everything more fun.  I am absolutely loving afternoon kindergarten.  He is my buddy all morning long and then I get down time after lunch.  I will really miss him in 1st grade.

This is my view while I am pumping.  Carma is almost exclusively bottle feeding breast milk.  I am so glad for a good pump and that I make enough milk.

Prairie loves taking care of her little sister.

Here is a cute outfit that our neighbor gave to us.

Carma fell asleep in her bumbo.

Then we transferred her to her bouncy seat.

Carma's first bike ride.  We strap the car seat into the trailer.  Zephyr was so happy that we biked to the library.  He wanted to bike a number of times at the end of my pregnancy but I kept making excused why we couldn't go,

Naked time!

I just can't get enough of her!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Carma started smiling a couple of weeks ago and we love it.

She still sleeps in the sling sometimes

These are our afternoons now.... Homework.

Lucky girl has a great big sisters

Carma got to meet her extended Weinheimer family.

Baba Russ with Carma

This is how Prairie tried to put Carna down for a nap

Carma in her new outfit from aunt Christy

Carma has gotten really interested in the mobile on her bouncy seat

Prairie loves holding Carma in carriers

Carma got to meet cousin Nick on his way home from burning man

Naked time

She likes chewing on his hand

The kids prepping beans from our garden for dinner