Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cow blanket

My mom always makes a flannel tied blanket for my kids and it has been their most favorite blanket.

For Carma she made something special. My grandma Carma used everything.  She would cut up clothes and make quilts from them.  Well my mom found some flannel pajamas that were mine from when I was 12.  They are blue which goes with the theme of her room and they are cows which is her initials.  So I thought it would be so special to have her blanket made with these flannel pajamas.  

My mom finished the blanket and brought out for her visit.  We have been really excited for Carma to have her blanket from Grandma Mary Anne.

Carma with her cow blanket and cow pacifier.

All snuggled with grandma in her cow blanket.

We love her blanket which Prairie named Moos.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Lots of pictures

The kids love dressing Carma.

They love snuggling her too.

First time wearing a cloth diaper.

She likes to start her naps on a sling.

Then we transfer her to crib.

Her new blanket from Aunt Lindsey

Big Brother Zephyr doesn't like his sister to cry.

Autumn helped me finish painting the playhouse while Carma slept in her bouncy seat.

Papi got the kids a trampoline and they LOVE it!

Carma in the doll stroller.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Rainbow Family

Back in April me and my mom made outfits for all the kids for the first Sunday that Carma went to church.  The kids have been soooo excited to wear their new Sunday clothes.

Getting Carma fed before church.

Walking into church.

2 weeks old

Carma had her 2 week checkup today.  She weighed in at 8 lbs and 3.5 oz.  she is still down 10 oz. from her birth weight. My doctor isn't concerned because all the kids have been like this.  We do have another weight check on Friday.  We have been feeding her bottles of breast milk and her weight gain since we have been doing that is really good.  So I will keep pumping and we will keep feeding her with bottles.

Sunday, August 03, 2014


We all went to the grocery store today.

Then later Ben went fishing and I took the kids to the pool.  Here is Carma at the pool.

Me and Carma hanging out watching the kids swim.

Me and the kids at the pool.

Paternity Leave

We are loving having Ben home all day for a month.  It takes a lot of pressure of me.  I don't feel pressured to feel normal yet.  I am especially glad to have Ben home as we have been having weight gain issues with Carma.

Ben has been doing fun things with the kids.

Zephyr and Ben did a lot of work in the garden.

Sleepover in the playhouse!

Ben also got a membership to Thanksgiving Point and has been taking the kids to activities there.

Friday, August 01, 2014

last days of july

I have been holding Carma a lot in the ring sling.  I love her little feet sticking out.

I love Carma in this outfit (Autumn picked it all out and dressed Carma herself)

The dogs are really interested in Carma.

My mom found this picture of baby Autumn with our dog  (dec 2003)

Carma has had some issues gaining weight so we started bottle feeding her breast milk.  Ben and the kids love being involved in feedings.

Prairie really wanted to use a sling like me.

So did Zephyr.

Autumn put Carma asleep for her nap this afternoon while I pumped.

Autumn found this toy car seat and put Carna in it.

Carma had a doctors appointment today to check her weight so we ventured out to swim lessons today since the appointment was right after.