Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Carma started smiling a couple of weeks ago and we love it.

She still sleeps in the sling sometimes

These are our afternoons now.... Homework.

Lucky girl has a great big sisters

Carma got to meet her extended Weinheimer family.

Baba Russ with Carma

This is how Prairie tried to put Carna down for a nap

Carma in her new outfit from aunt Christy

Carma has gotten really interested in the mobile on her bouncy seat

Prairie loves holding Carma in carriers

Carma got to meet cousin Nick on his way home from burning man

Naked time

She likes chewing on his hand

The kids prepping beans from our garden for dinner

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Grandma Visiting

My mom has been here for the past 8 days.  It has been so good to have her here.  The girls went back to school, so I didn't have to be up in the morning since she was here.  She helped get all the school shopping, helped make new pants and shorts for the girls, watched the kids, made dinner and hosted a neighborhood party.

Grandma with the girls.

Autumn has been wanting to have a backyard party to celebrate our playhouse being done, but I have 
felt overwhelmed about it, so my mom and Autumn planned it out and has a smashing successful party.

Grandma helped feed Carma.

Carma turned 1 month old

Grandma at the airport with Carma

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cow blanket

My mom always makes a flannel tied blanket for my kids and it has been their most favorite blanket.

For Carma she made something special. My grandma Carma used everything.  She would cut up clothes and make quilts from them.  Well my mom found some flannel pajamas that were mine from when I was 12.  They are blue which goes with the theme of her room and they are cows which is her initials.  So I thought it would be so special to have her blanket made with these flannel pajamas.  

My mom finished the blanket and brought out for her visit.  We have been really excited for Carma to have her blanket from Grandma Mary Anne.

Carma with her cow blanket and cow pacifier.

All snuggled with grandma in her cow blanket.

We love her blanket which Prairie named Moos.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Lots of pictures

The kids love dressing Carma.

They love snuggling her too.

First time wearing a cloth diaper.

She likes to start her naps on a sling.

Then we transfer her to crib.

Her new blanket from Aunt Lindsey

Big Brother Zephyr doesn't like his sister to cry.

Autumn helped me finish painting the playhouse while Carma slept in her bouncy seat.

Papi got the kids a trampoline and they LOVE it!

Carma in the doll stroller.